Markland Wood Golf Course Builds Synthetic Turf Power Cage

Markland Wood Golf Course installs Synthetic Turf Canada’s premium EZTee Hybrid Plus hitting turf.16

Markland Wood Golf Course has completed a very large update of their grounds this summer. They asked Synthetic Turf Canada to complete the brand new power cage they were building. Our team was excited to create a stunning new space for them with some of our favourite products! EZTee Hybrid Plus is our premium hitting turf option which many top courses have chosen to install at their driving range. For the receiving turf within the netted area, we used our SoftLawn Bluegrass Blend. This product is one of our most popular all around turfs as it is quite versatile for residential and commercial applications, not to mention it looks great alongside EZTee turf.

markland power cage turf

Markland Wood Golf Course Power Cage


markland synthetic turf

The new synthetic turf in use!

In this aerial video below of Markland Wood Golf Course, you can see the entire transformation take place. They expanded the size of the putting green and bunker on the right, and added this entire new power cage to their facility. The video is interesting to see how it all came together!

Aerial View of Markland Installation Time Lapse

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Backyard Synthetic Turf Project

Creating a Backyard Oasis with Synthetic Turf

Once in a while, we have a client come to us entirely fed up with their yard and looking for a total revamp of the space. This would be one of those times. This family knew they wanted artificial grass and a putting green, but left the specifics up to our design team.

artificial grass

This was a really nice space with lots of opportunity so we went with our favourite product, Autumn Fescue and our premium putting surface. The space wound around gardens and rock features, with the lower level focused on the centre putting green. They created a 3 hole green as you can see in the photos here. It has only been complete a few days and they have already stopped by to let us know it is getting lots of use and they are so pleased with their new space!

synthetic turf

We left the intricate details of the gardens and trees, but cut in turf around the stone work and enclosing rock wall. This gives the yard a nice open feel, with the turf winding all the way up through the trees to the higher level. You can see the green of the turf peaking through the trees in these photos. This was quite a large project and we are so pleased that the family left the creative design up to us and are in turn thrilled with their new space.

artificial turf

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artificial grass

Artificial Grass Soccer Field Installation

Artificial Turf Soccer Field in Vancouver, BC

Artificial grass has come such a long way over the years. From Astroturf years ago to the lush, soft, natural looking artificial grass we have today, it’s hard not to want your own yard transformed! Synthetic Turf International has the ability to create a turf for every circumstance and we were able to find just the one for this large residential project in Vancouver, BC.

artificial grass

This project had over 40 professionals on site at a time, working on landscaping, rock configurations, and general house renovations as well. This meant for a busy work space with a lot going on all of the time. Our team was able to work together and complete the installation right on schedule.

At first glance, this yard looks like a large open green space, but it doubles as the kid’s soccer field! If you look closely, there is also a three-hole putting green tucked away in the far corner to allow dad some fun too! We used our SoftLawn® Fine Fescue for the soccer play area, and our premium putting surface NP55 for the putting green. The two products compliment each other with their contrasting colours nicely in this project.

artificial grass

When our team was finished, the rest of the landscaping crew was still completing some finishing touches around the house so the yard isn’t entirely finished in our finished photos, but we look forward to receiving the proper finished photos from the client.

synthetic turf

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Custom Designed Artificial Grass for Multi-Sports Play Area

Custom Designed Artificial Grass for Multi-Sports Play Area

Our featured install this week is a unique application that we really enjoyed putting together for this client. The family was looking for a multi-use artificial grass that they could have throughout their entire outdoors space. We were able to provide them with a great option, Pro Ball Turf. This artificial turf has the flexibility for us to adjust the infill levels to create a variety of play areas. Our team designed the space to suit just about any activity! By using a multi-use turf, and playing with infill levels, we created a space for their kids to play soccer, tennis, basketball, jump on the trampoline and climb on playground structures safely.

artificial grass

Pet Friendly and Child Safe Synthetic Turf

Pro Ball Turf is a pet friendly, child safe option that still looks great and makes for a perfect play turf. It is one of our most versatile options, hence why we used it for this unique project.

We were so happy to see the kids playing around as soon as the turf was finished. The dog ran out and started doing laps of the yard, rolling around as happy as could be! This is the reaction we love to see after each project comes to an end.

synthetic turf

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artificial grass

Water Rationing Forces Canadians to Seek Drought Proof Options for Lawns and Landscapes

Record-Breaking Drought Conditions Lead to Mandatory Water Restrictions

Dry summer conditions and shortage of rainfall are two things most Canadians are far too familiar with.

synthetic turf

With extreme conditions once again in 2015, many cities were forced to implement the highest stage of water restrictions by July. Dry conditions, low snowpack, and shrinking reservoirs all contribute to the stage of restrictions enforced city to city. Vancouver 2016 restrictions began more than two weeks earlier than 2015 to try to ensure enough water supply by the end of summer.

artificial grass

This doesn’t guarantee residents that water will be readily available by the end of summer though, so citizens are urged to be mindful of their personal usage. Most areas are currently in stage 1 restrictions across Canada, meaning most types of watering is restricted to specific days and times. If we reach a stage 3 again like last year, this is what it means:

  • All lawn watering is prohibited
  • Watering of gardens, shrubs and trees is restricted to hand watering only
  • Vehicle/boat washing is prohibited
  • Surface and power washing is restricted to safety reasons only.synthetic turf

So What Can We Do?

During these hot, dry months, residents are encouraged to be mindful of all water usage. Consider trying different ways to save water, such as collecting rain water to water gardens or shortening showers. If you must water your garden, choose to do so in the cooler times of day for the most efficient use of water.


artificial turf

Is Synthetic Turf a Plausible Option?

With more and more restrictions in place, for six months of the year many places, many people are looking for alternative options altogether. Xeriscaping has become a far more appealing option to homeowners and commercial properties alike. Most people can agree that staring at a dead, brown grass isn’t exactly how we picture summer vacation. Landscape companies everywhere are specializing in xeriscape to minimize the amount of water used by combining native plants and rock work to create a beautiful outdoor space. Synthetic Turf is a great option to add some green space to the xeriscape without the maintenance, watering, fertilizers or pesticides that can come with having a lawn. A well designed yard with synthetic turf and rock work can greatly increase your property value, and offset the cost of the initial installation. As you can see from these photos, there are so many different options. Synthetic Turf Canada is also able to create custom turf to specifically meet your needs if you have required specs for your design. We would love to hear from you to see if we can help make your dream space a reality this year.

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 artificial turf


*Water restrictions taken from CBC (
*Find out the current stages in effect

STI Builds Synthetic Turf Putting Green Connected to Backyard Green

Creative and Connected Synthetic Turf Putting Greens

Our favourite projects are always the ones where clients want to have a bit of fun! This client had worked with us previously to create a backyard putting green. They loved it so much that they had us come back again this year to build another putting green in the front of the house. That wasn’t all they wanted though. They had an idea to have the two putting greens be connected through the front hole dropping down to the back green. Our team lit up when they heard this plan and got to work designing the perfect space for this idea.

synthetic putting green

This is the hole being dug to allow the ball to drop down the side of the house, and pop out on the backyard putting green. synthetic turf green

Our team standing back to check out the front yard so far. The green is down and the fringe is coming along nicely at this point. putting green turf

It was just about complete at this stage, our clients were getting so excited to test it out! They have two little girls who absolutely love golf so they were patiently waiting on the side for our team to complete the finishing touches. I think they heard, “is it ready yet?” a couple times this week.

putting green

The complete putting green looks great and we have another satisfied client! putting green synthetic turf

You can see here where the ball would pop out on the backyard putting green. Thanks to these wonderful clients for allowing us to be creative and make this idea a reality for you!

putting greenIf you or someone you know is thinking about switching to synthetic turf, please give us a call to discuss working together.

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Artificial Grass Taking You to the US Open

The US Open Championship is the annual open golf tournament in the US. This is the second major of the year in golf as part of the PGA Tour. This year, the tournament began on June 16th and weather permitting should be finished on June 19th, also known as Fathers Day. It moves around different courses each year, but this year is being played at Oakmont Country Club in Pennsylvania. Last year Jordan Spieth took the championship.

If Pennsylvania is a bit too far to go to feel apart of the celebrations, we have the solution for you, your own personal putting green! If your dream is to take part in a major one day, then why not get all the practice you can at your own doorstep. Many pros use our artificial grass putting greens and chipping mats for practice in the off season and in their own homes. Synthetic Turf Canada is able to design custom greens to work with the space we are given so each project is entirely unique for our clients. If this is something that interests you, give us a call to discuss what we can do for you! 1-800-279-TURF (8873)

artificial grass putting green

Have you joined our annual golf pool yet? It’s a free, online pool that continues on through all four majors of the year. We have prizes for each major, and then a grand prize for the overall winner of the year! This year’s prize is a roll out putting strip for the grand winner! Enter today to join in on the fun! (Details below)


Details to enter our golf pool:

Instructions for joining the pool entitled ‘CanadaSTI’
1. Go to
2. In the Join Password box, enter ‘synthetic’ (without the single quotes)
3. Fill out the form information, including a personal username and password. (Rest assured, this information will NOT be sold or utilized for spam email under ANY circumstances.)
4. Once the tournament field has been finalized, enter your picks, with the ability to change them right up until the tournament’s first tee time.

The Perfect Father’s Day Gift

It’s a Dad’s World, brought to you by Synthetic Turf Canada and Interior Pool and Spa

It happens the same way every year, you look at the calendar and Father’s Day is this weekend! What are you supposed to get Dad? He says he doesn’t want anything and you don’t have enough in your piggy bank to buy that fancy sports car he dreams about.

What if we could offer you a solution to this, for free?

Synthetic Turf Canada and Interior Pool and Spa teamed up with K96.3 radio in Kelowna, BC to give one lucky Dad the best Father’s Day gift imaginable with, It’s a Dad’s World! The lucky winner will receive a hot tub, portable putting green, and a synthetic turf door mat custom made of their favourite sports team! Can you imagine telling your Dad you’re giving him the grand prize this year? That would turn the house into such a fun space to enjoy all year round!

All you have to do to enter is fill out your name here and listen to win!

putting green turf



Snap Fitness Chilliwack Installs CrossFit Athletic Turf

This months’ featured install comes from STI Langley. They had the opportunity to work with Snap Fitness in Chilliwack, BC on their new flooring options for the facility.

STI Langley used our very popular Trainer’s Choice turf in red for this project, as well as including a custom logo in the center of the gym.

Snap Fitness Turf


Snap Fitness Turf

Trainer’s Choice is a great turf option for gyms, as it allows all equipment to perform properly while providing enough cushioning under the foot. This turf is available in many colours, allowing most companies the opportunity to install turf that matches the colour scheme of the space. It’s also a great choice for companies wishing to include a logo in the turf. We have the ability to water-jet cut and seam the logo into your roll of turf right at our plant for you.

Snap Fitness Turf


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New Pet Friendly Synthetic Turf Backyard in Kelowna, BC

The featured install this month comes from STI Kelowna. The clients were unhappy with their current yard and wanted to add usable green space for their two puppies. The space was full of loose gravel and had one section of another manufacturer’s turf, which they were unhappy with the odor, texture and continuous weeds. Before Turf

Backyard Before
Side Yard Before

The family has two large breed dogs so they were looking for a solution to make their life a bit easier while creating an aesthetically pleasing space at the same time.

Our team began by removing the other artificial turf and getting the ground ready for our brand new turf. They were debating between a few of our products so we guided them. They chose a product that was just released new for 2016, SoftLawn® Bermuda Blend, so everyone was excited to see it installed.

Artificial Turf

Backyard After

SoftLawn® Bermuda Blend is a polypropylene/polyethylene blend which was important for this installation. They shouldn’t have a nylon product especially when pets will be in the area, as nylon has a 16% absorption rate. This is likely what caused the odors in the yard prior. Our Bermuda Blend turf comes in our popular Field/Olive colour and stands 1 ¼” tall with 87 oz/sq.yd.

Side Yard After

The clients were just as pleased as we were with the final outcome, what a transformation! This is a great product for people with pets or who prefer the shorter pile height of turf. It looks aesthetically pleasing and makes cleaning up the yard much easier and cleaner overall.

Since completing this installation, this new synthetic turf product has been installed over 20 times across Canada. We are very excited about how great it looks installed especially.

Synthetic TurfBackyard After

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