Synthetic Turf and Autumn Installations

This week’s featured installation comes from Synthetic Turf Kelowna.

STI Kelowna had an incredible summer filled with various types of projects. We were able to create putting greens, backyard oasis’, and indoor sporting facilities. As the weather begins to cool come autumn, the style of installation we are used to must be adjusted slightly for the conditions. The materials used for seaming rolls together must be kept indoors to ensure the right consistency for strong bonds. Our installation team has many years of experience working in various conditions to ensure our level of work is kept above our client’s expectations and meets all warranty standards.

synthetic turf putting green

This year in the Okanagan it seemed like September 1st came and summer disappeared overnight! Temperatures would drop as low as 3 degrees celcius overnight- something we don’t often see until late October in this region. Our team was able to make some quick changes and modifications to our schedule and plans so that our current projects received the best care possible for the conditions.

STI Kelowna is surprisingly busy for this time of year. Often we find that come fall, people are done with maintaining their yards and are already onto the indoors activities. Cooking up some pumpkin spiced lattes or finding new autumn décor becomes more important than redoing the backyard. This year though, we have such a high demand for residential projects that we have a wait list started for projects to start as soon as the ground is ready in Spring. The commercial projects are just as popular this fall with a wide range of indoor facilities inquiring for the winter. We will be busy across the Okanagan transforming many spaces you may have been in before.

synthetic turf putting green

Stay tuned to find out what kind of projects STI Kelowna gets up to over the Winter season. If you would like to Experience a Greener World, contact Synthetic Turf Canada at 1-800-279-8873 or [email protected]

Synthetic Turf Backyard in Toronto, ON

Living in the city can have its toll on your idea of a backyard. Most homes in the downtown core of major cities like Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Toronto don’t have more than a small square for a yard. We find that these homeowners still want to make the most of their space, and enjoy some greenery without the hassle of additional chores. Can you imagine trying to pull out a lawn mower in your city centre duplex?

synthetic turf putting green

These clients love to golf so a small 10′ x 15′ putting green seemed like a perfect addition to their home. They used the popular NP50 putting surface and Bluegrass Blend in the Olive colour for the fringe. These products complement each other very well so we often see them used in projects similar to this.


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Front Yard Gets Synthetic Turf Makeover

Front Yard Synthetic Turf Installation in Kelowna, BC

SoftLawn Select Fescue is a product that was introduced new for 2016 and has become one of our best sellers. This middle of the line artificial turf has great value as it is priced well and stands up against some of our more prestige products. Select Fescue is 1 3/4″ tall, 77 oz/sq.yd and comes in our ever popular Field/Olive colour (the dark green shown pictured below). These are some great product specs especially considering it’s price point in the market.

This client is very happy with the outcome of their new synthetic turf front yard. It looks clean, lush, and requires no work! The dark olive green looks great against their landscaping and will keep the space looking great for many years to come.

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synthetic turf

Unique Synthetic Turf Putting Green Installation

This week we are showcasing a unique installation from Kelowna, BC. The client is an avid golfer and found a way to fit this putting green in around the pool. There is a ledge surrounding the pool which we laid synthetic turf on and created two smaller putting greens in each corner.

artificial turf

Here you can see both greens up close (above and below images). We also installed a paver stone walkway to access the putting greens. STI Kelowna used the popular NP45 putting surface for the green, and SoftLawn Bermuda Blend for the surrounding areas. Bermuda Blend is one of our newly released products for 2016, and it has been an extremely popular choice across the board. People with pets love it for it’s shorter pile height while still providing a realistic lawn look. It also works well around putting greens as seen in this application, or on it’s own as a lawn product. We have seen it used in some major Canadian cities on meridians and sidewalks as well. Bermuda Blend is becoming a go-to choice for the all around product for various applications after just a few short months.

IMG_3104_optArtificial grass putting greens
IMG_3106_optPictured above is an up close shot of the pavers pathway into the putting green area above the pool.

IMG_3107_optThis was a unique space for an installation that worked out perfectly for what the clients were looking for. What else would someone have done with a ledge above a pool like this? Probably nothing nearly as cool as this!


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Artificial Grass Project at Lakefront Cabin

Synthetic Turf Deck Project in Shuswap, BC

This week’s featured install comes from Synthetic Turf Kelowna. Their team was approached by a client who wanted to redo the deck covering in Shuswap, BC. This area is full of gorgeous lake front homes, cabins and vacation spots. The Kelowna team packed up and made the drive out to the Shuswap to complete this deck project in one day. The client chose our Performance Choice turf which is a great, shorter pile height turf option for this type of application. synthetic turf

Another view from above of the new deck space for everyone to enjoy at the lake. What a great maintenance free way to redo the space; no staining of wood, cutting of grass, or worrying about rebuilding the deck anytime soon for this family! The kids can go for a swim while the family watches from the deck, enjoying the soft new surface. artificial grass

Synthetic Turf can be used in so many different types of applications. If you are curious about Experiencing a Greener World, contact us today to chat!

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Synthetic Turf Putting Green Installation

Synthetic Putting Green Installationtattersall3

Getting the base prepped is the most important step to our synthetic turf putting green installations. We are proud of our aesthetically pleasing and true roll putting greens and this is a main factor. We ensure every curve and contour is set at this stage. Here you see the base being roughly laid out.



The majority of our team of installers come from a golf construction background. This pivotal stage comes naturally to us as we know many sub grade parameters to ensure the final roll is exactly the way we intended before we lay the turf down. An example of this is knowing our NP50 putting surface, on average, runs at 10.5 on the stimp meter. This translates to a maximum subgrade slope of 3%, which satisfies all USGA green specifications and corresponds to about 8″ of break on a 4′ putt. Simply put, 3% at this speed ensures the ball will not continuously roll.


tattersall4Once we are happy with the base, we wet the crush and tamp it down to get a perfect base.

tattersall5Here, the putting sleeves are being positioned to make sure everything is in place before fully sinking them. If the team is happy with the green so far, they can continue to the next step.

tattersall6They then sink the sleeves, and add a third medium to ensure a perfect roll. This is an exciting stage as we are now ready to start laying turf!

tattersall-afterThe synthetic turf has been laid down and the holes have been cut around the sleeves. It’s starting to look like a real green at this stage! Here you can see the team inspecting their cuts and ensuring everything looks perfect.

synthetic turf

The final product looks great and the client was thrilled with their new addition to the backyard. If you want to Experience a Greener World, contact us today

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Synthetic Turf Backyard Putting Green

This week’s featured install comes from the team at STI Kelowna. Synthetic Turf Kelowna created a whole backyard oasis for their clients. They combined a synthetic turf putting green, lawn products, and drought proof landscaping to create this beautiful space. You can even see a chipping mat peeking through the bushes for a bit of extra fun.


The clients were so pleased with the outcome, especially how realistic the chipping and putting feels for an artificial product. Our Kelowna team did a great job on this space and we are excited for the family to be able to enjoy their new putting green!

synthetic turf putting greenIf you want to Experience a Greener World, contact us today to set up a free quote.

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Markland Wood Golf Course Builds Synthetic Turf Power Cage

Markland Wood Golf Course installs Synthetic Turf Canada’s premium EZTee Hybrid Plus hitting turf.16

Markland Wood Golf Course has completed a very large update of their grounds this summer. They asked Synthetic Turf Canada to complete the brand new power cage they were building. Our team was excited to create a stunning new space for them with some of our favourite products! EZTee Hybrid Plus is our premium hitting turf option which many top courses have chosen to install at their driving range. For the receiving turf within the netted area, we used our SoftLawn Bluegrass Blend. This product is one of our most popular all around turfs as it is quite versatile for residential and commercial applications, not to mention it looks great alongside EZTee turf.

markland power cage turf

Markland Wood Golf Course Power Cage


markland synthetic turf

The new synthetic turf in use!

In this aerial video below of Markland Wood Golf Course, you can see the entire transformation take place. They expanded the size of the putting green and bunker on the right, and added this entire new power cage to their facility. The video is interesting to see how it all came together!

Aerial View of Markland Installation Time Lapse

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Backyard Synthetic Turf Project

Creating a Backyard Oasis with Synthetic Turf

Once in a while, we have a client come to us entirely fed up with their yard and looking for a total revamp of the space. This would be one of those times. This family knew they wanted artificial grass and a putting green, but left the specifics up to our design team.

artificial grass

This was a really nice space with lots of opportunity so we went with our favourite product, Autumn Fescue and our premium putting surface. The space wound around gardens and rock features, with the lower level focused on the centre putting green. They created a 3 hole green as you can see in the photos here. It has only been complete a few days and they have already stopped by to let us know it is getting lots of use and they are so pleased with their new space!

synthetic turf

We left the intricate details of the gardens and trees, but cut in turf around the stone work and enclosing rock wall. This gives the yard a nice open feel, with the turf winding all the way up through the trees to the higher level. You can see the green of the turf peaking through the trees in these photos. This was quite a large project and we are so pleased that the family left the creative design up to us and are in turn thrilled with their new space.

artificial turf

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artificial grass

Artificial Grass Soccer Field Installation

Artificial Turf Soccer Field in Vancouver, BC

Artificial grass has come such a long way over the years. From Astroturf years ago to the lush, soft, natural looking artificial grass we have today, it’s hard not to want your own yard transformed! Synthetic Turf International has the ability to create a turf for every circumstance and we were able to find just the one for this large residential project in Vancouver, BC.

artificial grass

This project had over 40 professionals on site at a time, working on landscaping, rock configurations, and general house renovations as well. This meant for a busy work space with a lot going on all of the time. Our team was able to work together and complete the installation right on schedule.

At first glance, this yard looks like a large open green space, but it doubles as the kid’s soccer field! If you look closely, there is also a three-hole putting green tucked away in the far corner to allow dad some fun too! We used our SoftLawn® Fine Fescue for the soccer play area, and our premium putting surface NP55 for the putting green. The two products compliment each other with their contrasting colours nicely in this project.

artificial grass

When our team was finished, the rest of the landscaping crew was still completing some finishing touches around the house so the yard isn’t entirely finished in our finished photos, but we look forward to receiving the proper finished photos from the client.

synthetic turf

If you or someone you know wants to Experience a Greener World, contact us today for your free, no obligation quote 1-800-279-8873 or [email protected]

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