Tennis Court Athletic Synthetic Turf

Many specialty sports are turning to artificial grass when it comes time to replace their surface these days. Synthetic turf is able to be fully customized to fit any requirements and specs.

Synthetic Turf Canada can create exactly the field you want and customize it for the space you have. From smaller fields for bocce or croquet to larger areas like tennis, you save time, energy and money when you install a synthetic turf field. Whether you need an indoor or outdoor field, a practice or game space, we can install a durable, safe and low-maintenance field that will last for years and be available on your schedule. Our artificial turf is perfect for many types of field-related activities, from soccer and baseball to croquet and lacrosse. Set yourself up for unlimited playtime, no matter what your sport.

 tennis synthetic turfLaying the turf down, getting the spacing right for installation

Our Kelowna team has had the opportunity to install numerous specialty sport applications, including Gaga Pits and Bocce Turf. Their most recent specialty sport application was this tennis court in Kelowna, BC. It is a half court, so slightly smaller than most people are used to playing on, but it is residential use only. The family has a large open acreage and already had putting greens and other fun activities available, so this was the next fun project for them.

tennis synthetic turfCompleted Tennis Court in Kelowna, BC

tennis synthetic turf

Synthetic Turf Canada offers full installation on athletic and specialty sport applications. Is your daycare, school, or complex looking to revamp the space with a unique application? Give us a call to see what we can put together for you!

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Synthetic Turf Canada at the Grey Cup

How close were you watching the 2016 Grey Cup last weekend? Did you notice all the synthetic turf throughout? Synthetic Turf Canada is proud to provide the Grey Cup with their synthetic turf needs. See some photos from the event below.

grey cup artificial turf grey cup artificial turf grey cup artificial turf

Synthetic Lawn Transformation

We know that it can be difficult to imagine what your space is going to look like when Synthetic Turf Canada is finished with it. When your backyard isn’t a usable space, or is completely overgrown, it’s hard to picture anything but what you’ve grown used to seeing. When our team comes in for the initial quote, we try to help you envision the transformation through a few methods. The team will bring small samples of each style to get a feel for them on site, then we are able to draft up an AutoCAD design to see what our proposed design would look like.

synthetic turf backyard

We can also show the clients some great before and after photos in various products to see real life examples as well. The photos here are some good examples from Synthetic Turf Calgary. You can see above there wasn’t much usable space to enjoy the backyard, and below you see the transformation afterwards. The client now has a big yard to enjoy for family gatherings and the dogs love having a spot to run around.

synthetic turf backyard

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Artificial Turf: Can Our Kids and Pets Play Safely?

Often the first and largest concern we hear is, can our pets and children play on the turf? Is it safe for them? The answer is, YES! Every single product from Synthetic Turf International is 100% safe for your children and pets to play on. One of the best features about our turf is that there are no added chemicals, pesticides or other harmful ingredients that can be found in many lawn care products.

baby on synthetic turfThis family, pictured throughout these photos, loves their synthetic turf as it gives a safe, clean and soft space for their son and dog to play on in the backyard.

synthetic turf flagYou can see how soft and plush the turf is under this cuties little feet!

synthetic turf

SoftLawn Plush Pro is one of our tallest and thickest turfs, it is definitely a great choice for people with lots going on like this family does! When these photos were taken, the turf had already been installed for over four years. It still looks great, especially considering the amount of use it gets!

synthetic turfThe dog sure feels at home on the putting green too!


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Poolside Synthetic Turf

One of Synthetic Turf International’s new products for 2016 is called SoftLawn Paspalum Pro. Only a handful of our clients have chosen this product, but the more we see of it- the more we love it! This is truly a great turf, it is one of our highest end products standing 1 3/4″ tall and holding 120 oz/sq.yd. This turf is made with a yarn called polyethylene, which feels very soft to touch but stands up great against wear due to the unique was it is designed.

synthetic turf

In the photo above, you can see the ground has been prepared and is ready for the roll of turf to be laid out. Once the installers have determined the best way to lay the turf, they will chalk it out and cut the piece to fit flawlessly around the pool.

synthetic turf

Voila! This is the outcome once they complete the cuts and have secured the turf. SoftLawn Paspalum Pro looks lush and realistic, and now that a few people have seen it installed this year, we think it is going to be a best seller!

synthetic turf

Here the lawn is pictured from up above. The corner looks sharp now and the pool will stay so much cleaner with no dirt and grass being dragged in. If you know someone looking to Experience a Greener World, contact us today for your free no obligations quote. 1-800-279-8873 or [email protected]



Synthetic Turf Putting Greens

This week’s featured install comes from Synthetic Turf Kelowna. Their latest project was completed in a fairly new lake front community in West Kelowna, BC. These homeowners were looking for a bit of greenery to add some life to their yard at their beautiful new home . They decided to go with our new for 2016, SoftLawn Select Fescue, with a small 8’x4′ putting green on one side. The Select Fescue is a great product for what it is, once installed it looks extremely similar to one of our higher end products, Autumn Fescue.

synthetic turf putting green

These clients are excited to have a lush, green space to enjoy year round. The added bonus is that they don’t need to buy a lawnmower now! Saturdays will be spent sun tanning lakeside, and practicing their putt! The entire SoftLawn line is even pet approved, so when friends bring their dog over there are no worries.

synthetic turf putting green

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Synthetic Turf -Down the Road

One of the most common questions we get asked when clients are first considering making the switch to synthetic turf, is “how will it look in five years?”.

Synthetic Turf Canada has been in business in the Okanagan Valley for almost ten years now, which means showing our work from years ago is getting increasingly easier. We now have the opportunity to send potential clients to have a look at various products that have been installed for 3, 5, 9 years at our current clients homes and offices. We always find that it helps to see the product sample in your hand that they like, actually installed and sitting four years old. You can see that it has been well loved with dogs and kids playing in the yard, or yard games scattered throughout, yet the turf still looks great! It has settled and looks natural to it’s surroundings by this point, but the colour is still vibrant and the yarns stand tall.

This is a photo of a yard we visited to check in on after a few years of a newer product being installed. We are so pleased to see that this product is looking great years down the road. We read the product specifications and detail records when it is released, but there is something about seeing your work down that gives everyone a peace of mind. This yard was completed with SoftLawn Fine Fescue, which is available in the Field/Eastern colour. This is a very popular product for our higher end installations and we are excited to let local clients see that it looks great installed, even years down the road.

If you are considering making the switch to synthetic turf, give us a call and we can show you some homes that have had artificial turf down for 8 years. Contact us at [email protected] or 1-800-279-8873 to set up a free quote and learn more about the options!

synthetic turf

Synthetic Turf and Autumn Installations

This week’s featured installation comes from Synthetic Turf Kelowna.

STI Kelowna had an incredible summer filled with various types of projects. We were able to create putting greens, backyard oasis’, and indoor sporting facilities. As the weather begins to cool come autumn, the style of installation we are used to must be adjusted slightly for the conditions. The materials used for seaming rolls together must be kept indoors to ensure the right consistency for strong bonds. Our installation team has many years of experience working in various conditions to ensure our level of work is kept above our client’s expectations and meets all warranty standards.

synthetic turf putting green

This year in the Okanagan it seemed like September 1st came and summer disappeared overnight! Temperatures would drop as low as 3 degrees celcius overnight- something we don’t often see until late October in this region. Our team was able to make some quick changes and modifications to our schedule and plans so that our current projects received the best care possible for the conditions.

STI Kelowna is surprisingly busy for this time of year. Often we find that come fall, people are done with maintaining their yards and are already onto the indoors activities. Cooking up some pumpkin spiced lattes or finding new autumn décor becomes more important than redoing the backyard. This year though, we have such a high demand for residential projects that we have a wait list started for projects to start as soon as the ground is ready in Spring. The commercial projects are just as popular this fall with a wide range of indoor facilities inquiring for the winter. We will be busy across the Okanagan transforming many spaces you may have been in before.

synthetic turf putting green

Stay tuned to find out what kind of projects STI Kelowna gets up to over the Winter season. If you would like to Experience a Greener World, contact Synthetic Turf Canada at 1-800-279-8873 or [email protected]

Synthetic Turf Backyard in Toronto, ON

Living in the city can have its toll on your idea of a backyard. Most homes in the downtown core of major cities like Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Toronto don’t have more than a small square for a yard. We find that these homeowners still want to make the most of their space, and enjoy some greenery without the hassle of additional chores. Can you imagine trying to pull out a lawn mower in your city centre duplex?

synthetic turf putting green

These clients love to golf so a small 10′ x 15′ putting green seemed like a perfect addition to their home. They used the popular NP50 putting surface and Bluegrass Blend in the Olive colour for the fringe. These products complement each other very well so we often see them used in projects similar to this.


If you know someone who would love a maintenance-free, beautiful green yard, contact us at [email protected]

Front Yard Gets Synthetic Turf Makeover

Front Yard Synthetic Turf Installation in Kelowna, BC

SoftLawn Select Fescue is a product that was introduced new for 2016 and has become one of our best sellers. This middle of the line artificial turf has great value as it is priced well and stands up against some of our more prestige products. Select Fescue is 1 3/4″ tall, 77 oz/sq.yd and comes in our ever popular Field/Olive colour (the dark green shown pictured below). These are some great product specs especially considering it’s price point in the market.

This client is very happy with the outcome of their new synthetic turf front yard. It looks clean, lush, and requires no work! The dark olive green looks great against their landscaping and will keep the space looking great for many years to come.

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synthetic turf

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