Featured Install: Mini Golf Course in Perth, Ontario

Our STI Ottawa team were offered an opportunity to work on a large and exciting artificial turf project this summer. They worked together with the clients to create a large mini putt course. This was a fun project because the entire course was blue, like waterways! They used our popular Pro Ball Turf in Blue to get the look the client was envisioning. It involved intricate cuts along numerous rock and tree edges as you can see from the photo below.


The finished mini golf course was built through the streams and treed in areas to really give it a natural feeling while wandering through the course. The scenery was picturesque and flowed with the landscape of the course itself. They incorporated trees and rocks along the whole course to give a fluid experience.


We love that they found ways to use the space while leaving the natural habitat in tact. Working around nature’s obstacles was part of what made this project so unique. We can’t wait to go play this unique synthetic turf putting course later this summer and invite everyone to come check it out in Perth, Ontario.


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Pesticides and How They Affect Us

Have you ever wondered how much those expensive chemicals and pesticides are helping or hindering you and your family? Year after year you trek to the store and purchase chemicals and pesticides that are supposed to help your lawn grow, kill weeds and eradicate the insects that invade your lawn and home. However are they doing more harm than good?

The majority of the population is vulnerable to the use of pesticides, including but not limited to pregnant women, infants, children, elderly, chronically ill, pets and wildlife. An estimated 78 million households in the United States use home and garden chemicals. What this means is that we are slowly poisoning ourselves and our loved ones that we are supposed to protect.

Ava @ Peter Farrellys 014

To make matters worse, children take in more pesticides than adults. Children are undoubtedly closer to the ground than we are and have still developing organs making them more vulnerable than the rest of the population. Infants and children are less likely/able to filter out the toxins than an adult resulting in children having worse responses to the chemicals and pesticides. If you treat your yard every year then you are just introducing more chemicals to your children every year and the chemicals only get stronger.

Studies have even shown an increase in side effects of pesticide use, such as miscarriages, immune system weakening, hyperactivity, behavioral disorders and motor dysfunction to name a few. Some studies have even suggested that pesticides can pass from mother to her child via umbilical cord while still in the womb and breast milk after birth.

Another important issue to remember is the affect pesticides have on our pets and wildlife. According to a Beyond Pesticides fact sheet, “Studies find that dogs exposed to herbicide-treated lawns and gardens can double their chance of developing canine lymphoma and may increase the risk of bladder cancer in certain breeds by four to seven times.”

Pesticide poisonings to pets or the environment may result from acute or chronic exposure. Furthermore, pesticides can impact pets and the environment through secondary exposure or through unforeseen effects to the animal or its habitat.

In the long run pesticides can and will do more damage than the insects and weeds that we are attempting to fight against. Protect your family and your home, call an STI dealer today and rid your life of harmful chemicals and pesticides.

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New Synthetic Turf International Distributors Welcome

Synthetic Turf International is excited to welcome two new members to our distributor team across Canada. With the increased demand for synthetic turf, we have been busy growing our team to better serve our customers from coast to coast.
This summer we would like to welcome:
Mike Kuzmickas to represent the area of Calgary, Alberta
Jeremy Barnes to represent the area of Windsor, Ontario


Mike can be reached via his new Calgary website or by calling him directly at 403-863-3933.
Jeremy can be reached via his new Windsor website or by calling him directly at 519-365-4999.
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Featured Install: Synthetic Turf Putting Green in Toronto, ON

July’s featured install showcases a beautiful backyard in Toronto, completed by Jeremy Stunt of STI Toronto.

The client had a great space to create a large four-hole artificial turf putting green; they even included a full bunker behind it!






The space felt so much bigger after the installation was completed. The yard just opened right up and the large playing surface made it so much more enjoyable.



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Featured Install: Regina, Saskatchewan


This month’s featured install comes from our STI Regina team. You can see the drastic difference just from the first photo having no grass down, to the second photo showcasing their completed synthetic turf project.

This feature showcases our very popular middle of the line product; SoftLawn Bluegrass Blend. This artificial turf has such a realistic aesthetic about it, standing 1 3/4″ tall and 82 oz/sq.yd, at a very reasonable price.



The finished project makes this backyard look so inviting and green! Thank you STI Regina for supplying the photos for this month’s featured install.



SoftLawn Bluegrass Blend backyard install June, 2015

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Masters for 2015: How to Replicate the Speed of the Greens at Augusta National Recap

Getting an accurate speed for the greens at Augusta National is next to impossible, but how hard is it to replicate?


The famed Amen Corner at Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia.

It’s been rated as the number one course in the country, and its fairways, greens, bunkers and water hazards have been seen by more eyes than any other course in the world.  Yet, the track in Augusta, Georgia known as Augusta National Golf Club is one of the most exclusive and closely guarded golf courses in the world.

And while it may not be the most exclusive golf course in the world (we’re not saying it isn’t), it certainly has the perceived reputation as being one of the toughest.

The fact is no one really knows for sure just how tough it is.  This is because the club has forbidden Augusta to be officially rated by the United States Golf Association.

But in 1991, a team of experts descended upon the hallowed grounds to do just that.  Led by the late Ross Goodner and the inventor of the course ratings system, Dean Knuth, the group set out to provide those of us who would never set foot between the ropes of Augusta a rating for the course.

Course ratings tell how difficult a course is to a scratch golfer, or a golfer with a handicap of zero.  Next to that rating is the slope rating, which tells how difficult the course is for a bogey golfer (handicap of 18) in relation to the course rating.

In 1991, Goodner and company rated Augusta National at 76.2, which basically meant that a scratch golfer could expect to shoot around 76.   At the time this would have made Augusta National one of the ten toughest courses in the United States.

Then in 2010, Knuth set out to re-rate Augusta, and he is very good at what he does.

He walked the course over the three practice rounds to establish that the course rating had increased to 78.1, still one of the ten toughest in the United States.  This is due, in no small part, to the course being lengthened by more than 500 yards since 1991.

But Knuth also provided an educated guess at the stimp speed of the greens.  Stimp speed measures how far a ball will roll when gravity pulls it down a ramp angled at about 20 degrees.  He arrived at 12 feet, basing this on counting the number of paces players were walking on the greens during those practice rounds.

The greens at Augusta have the reputation for being some of the fastest in the world.

One of the primary reasons for this dates back to 1980, when the greens at Augusta National changed from Bermudagrass to Bentgrass because officials there felt it would produce a more consistent option for tremendous green speed year round.

Now, several things make getting a stimp speed at Augusta impossible.  First, stimp meters aren’t allowed through the gates, making any stimp speed an educated guess at best.  Second, and probably more important, it is widely believed that there isn’t a long enough stretch of Augusta green that is perfectly flat.

One professional jokingly recommended rolling the ball uphill to try and get an accurate stimp speed.  Augusta officials don’t want this information to get out to the general public, and thus, they don’t gather the information for themselves.

So, since most people will never get the chance to play at Augusta, how will they ever know how fast the greens roll, and how ticklish every short putt can be?

Synthetic Turf International manufactures and sells the most realistic synthetic putting surfaces on the market today.  STI can provide a green that rolls true at a speed of 10.5 feet.

A putting green infilled with ceramic sand can roll true at speeds up to 14 feet.


STI installation experts created a miniature version of the famed 12th green at Augusta.

Our network of over 100 dealers can install a putting green that will meet your budget and exceed your expectations every time.

We can’t recreate the natural greens at Augusta National, but we can provide the closest synthetic putting surface to replicate greens like those found at Amen Corner, with stimp speeds, undulations and breaks as close to the real thing as possible.

Visit our application page for more information, browse our gallery for ideas and contact Synthetic Turf International to Experience A Greener World…and a better short game.


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Featured Install- Kelowna, BC

 STI Kelowna completed a full renovation of this Kelowna, BC client’s front and back yard. They had sod down and rough landscaping before STI Kelowna came in. The entire transformation took five days to complete.

The Before:

As you can see from the photo, there was sod down like many of you probably have currently. There is a lot of flexibility with the prep work, we can do as little or as much of it as you like for the most part. This client decided to have us do the whole project, so we began by removing all organics.


Before Photo of the Front Yard


Once the sod and organics have been removed, we prepare the sub base. Next, we bring in crush/sand and flatten them to the required depth, slope, etc. This is where any wanted contours are built, especially for putting greens.




Next is the fun part, the turf is involved! We lay out the turf where it is going to be positioned. We begin to cut the turf from here to the correct shape and size. By now it is starting to look like a yard again!
Our installers will begin the seaming process next; laying seaming tape along the edges of the turf. Glue will then be brushed over the tape and the turf will be carefully laid down over it so all seams line up flawlessly. The turf can now be secured using 5” galvanized spikes along the edges.
The final step is to brush in the infill, if required for the chosen turf, using a broom.


The Finished Project:

Now the homeowner has a much more usable space to enjoy their large outdoor area in the front and back of their house! The bright colour adds a great visual curb appeal compared to the dull dirt and patchy grass that was there before. They even included their personal love for flower beds by lining the outer areas with trees and flowers to keep it colourful! We know these clients will enjoy their summer with a brand new outdoor space for entertaining!
To learn more contact us and we will set up an appointment with you.

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The completed project



Synthetic Turf Aids in Achieving Sustainability Goals

Military personnel are exposed to various hazards on a regular basis, so they deserve to wear the best possible protection. Whether it be advanced armour or protective fabrics, they require equipment that will not fail them or their aircraft/vehicles. That’s why they choose to use TenCate for many of their protective fabrics and armour.

TenCate develops the most comprehensive, high performance range of fabrics. They provide solutions for emergency response teams, military forces, shoreline protection, mobility, sports and leisure. TenCate’s products are so advanced they are currently being used on spacecraft to ensure fuel efficiency and sustainability through space.

Did you know that a synthetic turf sport field can be a source of drinking water? “Only 27% of households (in North West, SA) have access to safe drinking water, and various local communities are even faced with a total lack of sustainable drinking water. Groundwater is becoming increasingly polluted, for example through intensive mining, industrial activities and unclean irrigation of agriculture. Another major challenge in water management is the ability to grow sufficient healthy food to feed a growing and more affluent population and at the same time to satisfy the many other demands made on limited water resources. Efficient and productive water consumption is thus essential.” (AMMON foundation, 2013)

TenCate and Pentair installed 20 GreenSource sport fields in South Africa. The system achieves two goals: on the one hand, sustainable water buffering, water filtration and water distribution, and on the other, high quality multi-sports activities on high quality synthetic turf football pitches. Learn more about how synthetic turf is becoming a source of clean drinking water. You can see more photos of these systems here.

TenCate also understands the importance of a safe and reliable playing surface for fast paced sports activities. Whether you’re a professional or amateur player, you are exposed to the risk of an injury during play. They also provide various synthetic turf systems for each sport. TenCate on American football, “this sport requires a safe and reliable surface, so that ball bounce and roll, as well as rotational friction, energy restitution, shock absorption and sliding resistance are optimal and cannot cause any injuries.” (TenCate, Follow them on Twitter @TenCate) Synthetic Turf International appreciated the value put on players’ well being, as well as the strong understanding of the differences among various athletic surfaces.


artificial turf grass sports fieldRecent install of a sports field using TenCate yarn


Synthetic Turf International is pleased to use industry leading TenCate yarn for our synthetic turf systems, including many yarn varieties and perhaps most importantly our primary backing which gives us industry setting 13lbs and up tuft binds. STI has been using TenCate yarns for over a decade. Their wide range of yarns allows us to provide our customers over 200 types of synthetic turf, but if that’s not enough. We will work with our customers to design a turf that meets their exact needs. Most recently we worked with a company in the golf industry to create a new turf that works for their fast paced, innovative new golf activity designed to attract young people.


artificial grass

Sample of TenCate yarn and their primary backing


Contact your local dealer to learn more about what Synthetic Turf is doing in your community.


Synthetic Turf International Canada Distributor Welcome

It seems like we didn’t even slow down for a minute this winter! We’ve been so busy behind the scenes getting everything ready for another great year with STI Canada.  Our research team went above and beyond as usual and we are able to present you with 8 brand new styles to choose from this year! We also grew our team even more across the country so we would like to take a moment to welcome our new members of the STI team.

Golftournament resized 600


Etienne Lavallee located in La Presentation.

Steff Lecuyer and Felix Auger located in Ottawa.

Chris Green located in Edmonton.

Are you a landscaper or landscape supplier? Want to be a distributor in one of the hottest growing industries? We are still looking for distributors in select areas across Canada. We can offer you premium products at competitive prices, the tools and knowledge to do beautiful installs, professionally designed marketing materials, and a supportive staff to help you on your journey to success. To find out which locations still require distributors contact us today!

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Featured Install: Lakeview Putting Green- Kelowna, BC

Everyone in BC was extremely lucky this year to have such a short winter. We were experiencing Spring-like temperatures as early as February! People were out hiking, running, and for many home owners, spring cleaning their yards. For many of our guys, this meant an early start to the season with Synthetic Turf International Canada.

STI Kelowna was excited to begin installs by late February. We were flooded with interest and had projects lined up earlier than ever. This project was one of our installers’ favourites to work on so far this year, because look at that view!

After removing the existing ground coverings, the base is brought in and any wanted contours are built. Here, the cups have been placed for positioning before the turf is rolled out.



After just two days, this is the transformation that took place. This couple now has their very own place to practice before hitting the course this summer.

 synthetic putting green

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