While gyms can be expensive to maintain there is a myriad of options available to bring down overall costs and help save the environment as well. One popular choice is to install synthetic sports turf. Real grass is much more difficult to maintain indoors, and even specialty domed sections with natural grass can run into issues with weeds and pests. Artificial turf is a natural solution to dealing with these issues and can provide several additional benefits as well.


Synthetic Sports Turf Holds Up

Real grass has to be consistently maintained in order to get the most out of it, but synthetic turf is much more resilient due to the durable plastic and foam it’s made with. You won’t have to worry about dropped dumbbells, barbells, or if it can endure heavy sled pulls and pushes (because it can). The best artificial grass doesn’t even develop tears, holes, or divots.



It’s Customizable

It’s easy to mistake synthetic sports turf for looking the exact same as another type of athletic turf, but there are actually a ton of options and variations available. You can get artificial grass in different colours, types of grass, and different types of padding as well depending on your needs. Plus, for an extra personal touch, you can even get your branding inlaid onto it to emphasize brand awareness and reinforcement.


It’s Costs Little to Maintain

Hardwood, vinyl, or rubber floors can easily be time-consuming to clean and maintain, which takes up resources better used elsewhere. Synthetic sports turf, on the other hand, can be maintained with simple brushing and periodic cleaning as well. This makes turf a natural choice when it comes to upkeep.


Synthetic turf is a clear choice for gyms, with a wide selection of customizable options that can also add an attractive element to your gym. As an added bonus, synthetic turf is great at shock absorbing as well, making it the perfect choice for high-impact training or sports. Overall, synthetic sports turf is the right choice for really any gym with the numerous benefits it provides.


To learn more about athletic turf and installing it in your gym click here. 

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