Crossfit & Agility Turf

Crossfit & Agility Turf

CrossFit & Agility Synthetic Turf

Synthetic Turf Solutions for Training Facilities

Synthetic Turf International of Canada provides the industry with a variety of artificial turf options. Synthetic Turf Canada offers synthetic turf for gym flooring such as CrossFit and MMA training areas. Many indoor facilities are converting their space to synthetic turf due to the strong durability and combined versatility. STI’s turf can withstand the aggressive activities involved in training, such as pushing sleds, dropping equipment, and rope activities. Our synthetic turf was designed to withstand harsh activity and simulate real conditions. The option of our 100% pure urethane proprietary foam backing provides the added cushion many athletes like as this reduces stress on their joints and allows for extra traction and explosive speed.

With our in house Aquafab machine we have the ability to create and cut any logo, design or custom art work including ladders, dot drills and hashmarks.

Design your own agility and CrossFit area with STI’s new Facility Designer

The Advantage of CrossFit Synthetic Turf

Reacts naturally
Improved durability
Creates a multipurpose space
Virtually maintenance free
Clean and can be cleaned easily
Consistent performance over time
Infill free, no mess!

Precision Machinery


Simulates wear and tear
Number of Cycles = Years (determined by warranty)

2,500 Cycles = 1 Year 5,000 Cycles = 2 Years
7,500 Cycles = 3 Years 10,000 Cycles = 4 Years
12,500 Cycles = 5 Year 15,000 Cycles = 6 Years
17,500 Cycles = 7 Year 20,000 Cycles = 8 Years


Measures tuft bind – The force needed to pull the yarn from the backing of the turf
Tensile Strength – Ensures top quality yarn and consistency
Delamination test – Measures force required to delaminate products

Weight Checks

Die and scale
Quality Control
Confirms product has +/-0.5% of the correct amount of Silverback™ coating applied during the coating process

10MP Microscope Camera

Shows the microscopic effects of wear and tear on the yarn of the turf
Visually inspects effects of outside elements
Allows us to view the quality and cellular composition of our Silverback™ coating

High Speed Curing Oven

Assists in the new product development proces
Allows curing of test products
Allows curing of small samples of Silverback™ coating to ensure we provide you with a quality product.