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The Financial Benefits of Installing Synthetic Turf in Your Kelowna Home

Kelowna homeowners that choose to install Synthetic Turf lawn and landscaping products reap the endless financial benefits of a virtually maintenance-free lawn.   Synthetic Turf is doesn’t require water, eliminates lawn care products and comes with a lengthy warranty to ensure your artificial lawn remains green for years to come. With so many benefits and homeowners making…

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Enhance Your Rooftop with Synthetic Turf

Synthetic Turf can transform your rooftop into a gorgeous outdoor area for you, your family or guests to enjoy. During the summers, there’s no better place to enjoy the weather and stunning views than from a rooftop. If you’re looking for ways to enhance your rooftop this summer, then artificial turf is an exceptional choice.…

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Synthetic Turf Applications

Artificial grass has made huge strides and advancements since it was first invented and used in 1966. Today, many people are embracing artificial lawns for residential and commercial properties due to its low maintenance, water conservation, lush green look, and the reduced wear and tear from weather conditions. The versatility and incredible features of Synthetic Turf…

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Indoor Synthetic Turf Uses

Transform Building for Rent We have had some inquiries by people who have a seasonal business looking to capitalize on their slow season. Owners who have a building sitting empty for consecutive months are laying indoor synthetic turf to create a rentable space for the community. We have seen people create a space for sports…

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Canada Synthetic Turf International is Expanding

We are looking for distributors to represent select cities across Canada. Distributors are a team of resellers exclusive to our Synthetic Turf International line of artificial turf. We are currently looking for a representative in the areas of Toronto, Hamilton, Thunder Bay, Moncton, and Edmonton. Distributors have access to our exclusive products and support from…

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Synthetic Turf for Events

Have you been thinking about using artificial turf for your event? You’re not alone. Event turf has been growing in popularity for personal events, corporate events, and general commercial use steadily over recent years. Consumers are becoming more aware of the wide variety of options, and this makes it easier to utilize the product in…