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Artificial Turf for Tradeshows

Synthetic turf a welcome addition to trade show booths in Vancouver. Many exhibitors have chosen to go this route to add a pop of colour to their booth. We have synthetic turf designed to withstand this large amount of traffic in a short period of time. Generally, we guide clients towards the shorter pile height…

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5 Benefits of Commercial Synthetic Turf for Your Athletic Facility

Whether you’re planning a backyard court or an Olympic sized stadium, Synthetic Turf has a myriad of important benefits and advantages that natural turf fields can’t compete with. Synthetic turf has been replacing natural grass in sports stadiums around the world everywhere from world-renowned golf courses, to Olympic stadiums to professional league arenas to high…

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Indoor Synthetic Turf Uses

Transform Building for Rent We have had some inquiries by people who have a seasonal business looking to capitalize on their slow season. Owners who have a building sitting empty for consecutive months are laying indoor synthetic turf to create a rentable space for the community. We have seen people create a space for sports…

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Canada Synthetic Turf International is Expanding

We are looking for distributors to represent select cities across Canada. Distributors are a team of resellers exclusive to our Synthetic Turf International line of artificial turf. We are currently looking for a representative in the areas of Toronto, Hamilton, Thunder Bay, Moncton, and Edmonton. Distributors have access to our exclusive products and support from…