The Advantages of EZ Tee® lines and hitting mats

Did you know Synthetic Turf Canada’s EZ Tee® nylon and poly tee line surface is an innovative synthetic turf system. Designed specifically for driving range tee lines. Providing a divot feel with no club bounce, it gives you the natural feel to hit down and through the ball. In addition to the realistic pliability, it holds a real tee on it’s surface. EZ Tee® allows for a driving range to remain open during shoulder seasons, over seeding, wet weekends or just general healing days. Club owners and equity members benefit greatly from its cost-effectiveness. It can be installed over a natural gravel sub-base, a synthetic panel system or even directly on concrete/asphalt. Used by PGA professionals, teachers, tour players, and numerous top rated facilities across Canada and the world!

Options available 

There are two main product options when considering the EZTee® system. EZTee® Hybrid, and EZTee® Poly. The ‘Hybrid’ is comprised of two types of yarn, 50% nylon and 50% polypropylene. While the EZTee® Poly, is 100% polypropylene. Nylon is considered a more durable and colour steadfast yarn. But it is also a softer product that allows for a softer feel for future club-head impact. The polypropylene is comprised of a stiffer yarn that allows for the natural tee to remain in place after impact. And this yarn also provides for a sturdier feel under your feet allowing users to swing as hard as desired!  EZTee® products are available in 5’, 6’, 7.5’, 12’, or 15’ widths which allows each club the ability to customize their range facility. Indoors or restricted with space, 5’x5’ AND 6’x6’ mats are readily available.

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Synthetic Turf Tee Line

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