Artificial grass has become a popular choice for outdoor landscaping, whether you’re looking for a low-maintenance solution for your backyard or are looking to add some green space to a balcony or rooftop patio. It is typically quite easy to install, making it an accessible option for many, although it can be time-consuming depending on the size you’re looking to cover. You can install artificial grass on almost any surface, but if you’re looking for tips on how to install artificial grass on dirt, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve highlighted a few tips and tricks for installing artificial grass on dirt to help make the entire process go as smoothly as possible.

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Installing Artificial Grass on Dirt: Prep The Area

If you’re going to be installing artificial turf on dirt, you’ll first want to start by prepping the area. This includes removing the top three to four inches of soil to make room for a new base. Once that is complete and the area is free of any weeds or other vegetation, you’ll then want to plan your drainage. If the soil in your yard drains well already, then you shouldn’t have to do much to it. However, if your soil doesn’t drain well, then you will have to install a drainage system before you continue. The final step in prepping the area is to install a waterproof barrier and an optional weed barrier. This will help protect the area from any pesky weeds and will help keep the artificial grass from slumping or separating.

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Install The Base

After taking the proper steps in preparing the space where you plan to lay your artificial grass, the next step in the installation process is to install the base. Finely crushed rock or gravel is commonly used, although rubber shock pads and self-levelling compounds can also work. Fill your area with three to four inches of base material to assist with drainage and help keep the artificial grass from slumping. Make sure you take the time to level and compact the base to ensure that you have proper drainage. It is also a good idea to roll out your artificial grass off to the side, so it has a chance to recover its shape after being transported in rolls. This way, it will be ready to install once your base is complete.

Artificial grass installation on patio

Lay The Artificial Grass

The final step in the installation process is to lay your artificial grass. With some help, lay each strip of turf over the prepared base, being careful not to drag the turf over it. Remember to make sure that the blades of grass are all pointing in the same direction for a more natural look. Next, you’ll want to cut the turf to accommodate the size and shape of the area. Once the artificial grass has been placed, the next step is to join the edges. This is commonly done with either an adhesive, seaming tape or with stakes or nails. You’ll follow this step up by securing the edges of your artificial grass around the border. The final few steps in installing your artificial grass on dirt include adding an infill, which will help the bristles to stand up straight and will help weigh the turf down and watering the lawn to ensure that the infill settles properly.

Whether you’re wanting to add a pop of colour to an otherwise dull space or opt for low-maintenance landscaping, artificial grass is a great option!



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