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Perhaps a week ago you were googling how to install artificial grass putting green, but the idea of crisp Fall mornings and Winter soon following, has put an end to your countless Google searches and putting green dreams.

However, it’s not too late. You can learn more about how to install artificial grass putting green before the snow comes.

In fact, we’ve created a blog for this very reason—so you can stop searching and start installing!

How To Install Artificial Grass Putting Green


Mark out the dimensions of your putting green design using landscapers paint. Be sure to include space for your fringe if you will be including them in your design. Remove all organic material (sod, soil, grass) to a depth of 6”.

Base Prep

Replace the 6” of removed organic material with ¾” crushed gravel to a height of 4”. Rake and water to create the desired surface with any undulation or elevation changes you want in your putting green. Keep in mind that putting surfaces do not drain so proper evacuation of water will be necessary. Next, compact the gravel with a plate compactor for a tight lock. Add 1/2”-1” of crusher fines to create the smoothest surface possible. Water, compact, and use a roller to remove any lines and bumps.


Set cup sleeves in their desired locations. Using a post digger, remove gravel so that the sleeve sits as flush with the surface as possible. Using a hand tamper on top of the sleeve, gently compact until sleeve is completely level with the final grade. Once you have completed this, slowly fill any surrounding area with crushed gravel. Water and compact with a hammer. This is the most important area so take the time to compact it tightly. Your cup should sit in the sleeve with the lip 1/4” above the base


Roll turf over the project area. Always roll turf in the same direction and overlap multiple rolls by 2”-3”. Once in place, chalk out your desired shape. When you are happy with the shape cut out using a synthetic turf carpet knife.


Cut the bottom piece of turf two tufts in from the factory edge. The top piece will need to be trimmed as close as possible to the adjacent turf without overlapping. TAKE YOUR TIME. You are always better with a small gap than too tight of a seam which will compromise the surface. Place the seaming tape as close to centred as possible. Roll turf back 6” on either side from seam and temporarily secure. Pour glue evenly with a 1/8” notched trowel. Bring edges back together in a zipper fashion to ensure backing buts up nicely. Be careful not to get glue on grass blades. Depending on humidity and climate the glue will have differing dry times. During that time walk the seam but do not place heavy objects on top of the turf.


Putting greens will require 2lbs per sq.ft of sand or more. To calculate the needed amount take the sq.ft of laid turf and multiply by 2 and apply sand evenly, preferably using a drop spreader over entire putting surface. Brush in using either a broom or power sweeper.


Fringes can be very specific to your project; for the best results, consult with an experienced installer. They will be able to advise you best based on your putting green shape and fringe size.

Last Steps

Cut an “X” in the turf over top of your cup sleeve. Carefully follow the edges of your cup sleeve using an STI carpet knife. Remove debris with a shop vac, slide your cup into the sleeve, and ENJOY!

How to Install Artificial Grass Putting Green: Frost and Snow Will Not Damage Your Synthetic Turf

Now that you have the 411 on how to install artificial putting green, it’s time to invest in some high-quality synthetic turf and bring the golf clubs out!

Or, is the thought of snow and frost damaging your synthetic holding you back?

During production, high-quality artificial grass is created to withstand harsh elements such as frost and snow.

If you’re still skeptical, you could consider applying a waterproof tarpaulin to protect the grass over the Winter months (it will provide an extra layer of protection against the elements).

Hire Synthetic Turf International for the Best Quality Artificial Grass and Installation

Instead of installing your putting green yourself, hire a reputable grass installation company to get the job done. If you want the job done quickly and efficiently (before the snow arrives), Synthetic Turf International Canada is the company to hire for all your artificial grass needs. Check our putting green applications to decide what is best suited to your home and golf skill needs.

For the best quality artificial grass, installation services and design, connect with our team today!

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