Whether you choose to live the Tiny Home life, or a grandiose home with a yard that goes as far as the eyes can see, you deserve to love your space. We want to help you create a space that you can enjoy nearly year-round with just a few little changes to your current space. 

synthetic turf pavers
Patio Dining Area

First, start with a patio dining area. Depending on the size of your space, it could be a bistro table with a couple of trendy chairs, or a long farmhouse table with seating for the whole family. We like to add a weather resistant rug to warm up the space on those cooler evenings. Add light by hanging some cute solar lights and setting candles on the table. If you have the space, you could even hang a hammock nearby for those warm sunny days. 

Grassy Space

Next to the dining area, we like to build out a grassy area for pets, kids and adults to enjoy. This is the perfect place to lay synthetic turf for no maintenance and a natural appearance. There are many colours and variations to choose from, so our team will help determine the best fit for your space. 

synthetic turf flowers backyard
Add Colour (Flowers!)

To liven up the space, we have to add flowers! The options are really endless for how to incorporate flowers. Planting along the perimeter is often an option for peony or rose bushes. They add a nice touch of colour and are available in any shade to match your decor. Another way to add flowers is simply to use flower pots. Find some cute pots in a variety of sizes from Homesense or your local thrift shop and fill with your favourite florals. Place larger pots around the perimiter and add some smaller ones to the coffee table for a little pop of colour and freshness. Similarly, we like to incorporate hanging baskets to bring that pop of colour up to eye height. You can hang them traditionally along the outside of your home, or, we love popping them on top of a wine barrel and removing the hanger to add that special touch to your barrel. 

Add a Container Garden or Vegetable Garden 

Lastly, we always add a container garden of some sort. It can be as simple as a flower pot filled with your favourite herbs to spruce up dinner. We often see a wooden perimeter built into one end of the space, and filled with soil to create an above ground garden bed right in the yard! An easy solution to be able to grow a few of your favourite vegetables when space is a bit tight. 

We hope you’re able to use some of these ideas to create the backyard of your dreams! 


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