We bet you never considered some of these bizarre, creative ways to utilize synthetic turf in your life! This is a list of our five favourite ways to recycle turf or get creative with extra pieces!

5. Bedroom Decor

Kids love being able to play on all surfaces, we have all seen the crayons on the wall at some point! This is such a fun way to engage kids and allow them to redecorate time and time again against the wall. It’s like a bulletin board- except more playful!


kids room decorating

4. Home and Holiday Decorations

What better way to put those extra scraps to use than to incorporate them into your DIY projects come the holidays. Our turf could easily be wrapped to create a wreath like this one. We see this as the perfect time to put all those hours on Pinterest to the test! This is the cutest little way to add a personalized touch to a front fence. Items like this could be placed around the home or garden to add a bit of greenery.


christmas decoration home decor
home decor turf gift

3. Table Settings

Summer barbeques just got a lot greener! It’s perfect for the table too as it can be hosed off and dries in minutes.

 artificial grass table

place mat fake grass

2. Office Supplies

There is no need to purchase additional office supplies when you have turf that already does the job! If our EZTee line can hold a golf tee, it can definitely hold your pens too!


office supplies turf

1. Truck Bed and Interior

Prevent wear and tear on your vehicles by lining it with long-lasting artificial turf. Materials are still able to slide in and out and the back can be opened without a problem. Plus, now you can practice your swing wherever you are!


truck turf fake grass


truck bed turf


Synthetic turf doesn’t have to only be used in traditional settings. Find the inner designer in you, get creative with your installation and find ways to use any extra pieces you may have leftover. Even around the home we have seen some people use synthetic turf in unique ways. Rooftops that can’t withstand the weight of natural gardens have used synthetic turf to keep the secluded garden atmosphere. Likewise, synthetic turf can be used as a mat on a patio to give a touch of green, or in between paving stones for that added detail. In the office setting, we have had businesses add a small putting area to the break room. Use your imagination and let us know if you’ve ever used synthetic turf for an original project!

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