Military personnel are exposed to various hazards on a regular basis, so they deserve to wear the best possible protection. Whether it be advanced armour or protective fabrics, they require equipment that will not fail them or their aircraft/vehicles. That’s why they choose to use TenCate for many of their protective fabrics and armour.

TenCate develops the most comprehensive, high performance range of fabrics. They provide solutions for emergency response teams, military forces, shoreline protection, mobility, sports and leisure. TenCate’s products are so advanced they are currently being used on spacecraft to ensure fuel efficiency and sustainability through space.

Did you know that a synthetic turf sport field can be a source of drinking water? “Only 27% of households (in North West, SA) have access to safe drinking water, and various local communities are even faced with a total lack of sustainable drinking water. Groundwater is becoming increasingly polluted, for example through intensive mining, industrial activities and unclean irrigation of agriculture. Another major challenge in water management is the ability to grow sufficient healthy food to feed a growing and more affluent population and at the same time to satisfy the many other demands made on limited water resources. Efficient and productive water consumption is thus essential.” (AMMON foundation, 2013)

TenCate and Pentair installed 20 GreenSource sport fields in South Africa. The system achieves two goals: on the one hand, sustainable water buffering, water filtration and water distribution, and on the other, high quality multi-sports activities on high quality synthetic turf football pitches. Learn more about how synthetic turf is becoming a source of clean drinking water. You can see more photos of these systems here.

TenCate also understands the importance of a safe and reliable playing surface for fast paced sports activities. Whether you’re a professional or amateur player, you are exposed to the risk of an injury during play. They also provide various synthetic turf systems for each sport. TenCate on American football, “this sport requires a safe and reliable surface, so that ball bounce and roll, as well as rotational friction, energy restitution, shock absorption and sliding resistance are optimal and cannot cause any injuries.” (TenCate, Follow them on Twitter @TenCate) Synthetic Turf International appreciated the value put on players’ well being, as well as the strong understanding of the differences among various athletic surfaces.


artificial turf grass sports fieldRecent install of a sports field using TenCate yarn


Synthetic Turf International is pleased to use industry leading TenCate yarn for our synthetic turf systems, including many yarn varieties and perhaps most importantly our primary backing which gives us industry setting 13lbs and up tuft binds. STI has been using TenCate yarns for over a decade. Their wide range of yarns allows us to provide our customers over 200 types of synthetic turf, but if that’s not enough. We will work with our customers to design a turf that meets their exact needs. Most recently we worked with a company in the golf industry to create a new turf that works for their fast paced, innovative new golf activity designed to attract young people.


artificial grass

Sample of TenCate yarn and their primary backing


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