Synthetic Turf International of Canada is constantly improving on current install practices and products to bring our customers the latest and greatest in synthetic turf technologies. When it comes to the golf community we consistently push to better our products offered. How else would we maintain our outstanding reputation with some of the worlds, and Canada’s, top golf courses? This year Synthetic Turf International of Canada has made two huge advancements in regards to the professional golf products offered.

#1 – The Ultra Base System for EZ-Tee Tee Lines

Tee Line Base

The Ultra Base System (UBS) has revolutionized the install of premier tee lines. The structural durability is unparalleled and the benefits of its use ensure all EZ Tee products perform at optimal levels for the entire life of the turf. These panels make for a shorter install, provide a base that will not migrate, can handle enormous weight loads and will help hold the turf in the exact installed position for longer than traditional installation procedures. Not only that, but if your club ever decides to move the tee line they can be clicked apart and moved to the new location fuss free! The engineered polymers the panels are built of also replicate a more natural play surface and are guaranteed not to harden over time.

Ultra Base PanelUltra Base Panel

#2 – Constant Improvements on the EZ Tee Products

Being manufacturer direct means not only do we hear our customers’ ideas for improvements, we put them into production! We build products based on a feedback stand point from both customers and distributors instead of from a marketing stand point. This year we launched a newly designed EZ-Tee product that is 100% nylon. This EZ Tee comes with all the benefits of nylon golf products PLUS the fibers have been engineered to not bind in the typical nylon fashion. This product is able to better replicate natural grass play while still holding a tee throughout the entire life of the turf. This nylon product completes and perfects our entire line, included with the EZ Tee Hybrid and EZ Tee Poly.

EZ Tee Trio

Synthetic Turf International of Canada has been hard at work engineering and perfecting these new install and product techniques to ensure our customers get exactly what they want and more importantly need. We are always pleased to share our success stories with our previous customers, prospective customers, and our fans. These two advances are great additions to our professional grade golf products.


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