As a superintendent, director, or head pro, you are concerned about your members and how they are enjoying your golf course. Your goal is for them to return year after year, while bringing new friends and family each visit. The question then becomes how do you keep these retention rates so high among existing members?

We have taken it down to the three key pieces to make your members stay members for life.

EZTee line in Vancouver, BC

1. Upkeep.

Make your members proud to visit and bring their personal network. Have a strong maintenance team to ensure the entire grounds are kept looking pristine. Flowers and treed in areas give a warmth especially if your club is a more versatile space with a restaurant, shop, and driving range. Another option is for the tee line to stay looking like new. Over half of the top 20 courses in Canada use the EZTee Hybrid Plus tee line. It comes with a warranty in the case it does not live up to your expectations, but this has yet to happen. There are also alternatives such as turf bunkers to keep sand out of the greens, turf ponds to avoid the lost balls at the bottom of the cold ponds, and fully synthetic greens to keep the space green year round without the maintenance.

2. Keep learning.

The more you have to offer, the longer your members will find value in staying a customer. Read, attend local meetings, and get together with like-minded individuals to stay up to date on new practices and ideas to better your club. Everyone you meet will have a fresh persepective on your golf club. If there is something you are looking to improve, there’s a chance someone you know will be able to help or recommend you to someone they know. Aquire new skills and experiences regularly to stay fresh and on top of your competitive advantage.

3. Connect.

Stay connected with members. Hold socials each month to create a community among members, dividing into women’s/men’s nights is a common event. Offer a rewards program for reaching a certain amount of visits or bringing a certain amount of new friends. This not only allows your members the opportunity to show others your club, but provides you a chance to prove your club to new visitors. Lastly, listen to requests from visitors and members. Maybe they see something you could improve or change that you haven’t noticed yet. Always be willing to listen and learn from others and you will surprise yourself what you accomplish.

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