In recent years we have seen a rapid growth of athletic turf being used in gyms, CrossFit facilities, and multi sports domes. Athletic turf has many benefits for both the business owner and the athlete; making it a popular decision to include in many businesses.

Athletic Turf Options

Artificial turf helps diversify the offerings at your sports facility by providing spaces for new activities that couldn’t previously be performed. With a wide range of athletic turfs designed for an array of activities, the options are endless. A roll of Trainers Turf can be installed for sled pushing, Bocce Pro can be installed for a games corner that is able to withstand heavy items being thrown down, or Pro Ball Turf (available in black, white, blue, red, yellow, orange, clay, silver and tan) can be installed for a more economical way of adding a pop of colour to your flooring.

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It is important with athletic turf, to be able to customize the layout to each business’ specific needs. Synthetic Turf International’s ‘Facility Designer‘ tool helps owners visualize the layout and see what various options look like. Using this tool, a business’ logo can be added to the athletic turf for an extra bit of personalization and built in d├ęcor in their flooring. It also allows the user to add lines, hash marks, ladders or to change the colour and sizing so our quote is aligned with the client’s vision right off the bat.

Soft Impact

Athletes are in favour of installing athletic artificial turf because of all the benefits to their workout practice. It is commonly said that the impact on artificial turf is much easier on athlete’s joints and bones. The synthetic turf is a cushioned, soft material compared to the traditional rubber flooring, so it provides a softer landing under their feet. Our athletic turfs come with two backing options, the standard polyurethane or a 5mm foam backing. Most gyms opt for the 5mm foam backing as it does provide that extra bit of softness under foot or when kneeling during exercises. Having a soft surface, without losing the extreme durability is important for our products to maintain their long lifespan. We also have artificial turf options designed to be the ideal surface for pushing sleds, there is no grip or “bumpy” motion as there is with rubber flooring sticking mid way. Pushing sleds is one of the top reasons we hear gym owners investigating synthetic turf options to begin with. Another top reason we hear owner’s making the switch is the ability to drop weights and equipment on the turf. Weights can be dropped from arm level with no damage to your flooring, making it a very suitable option when cosmetics are an important factor.

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Easy Care of Artificial Turf

Lastly, the easy care of athletic turf makes it a suitable option for sports facilities. Artificial turf requires no special clean up or care, it can be vacuumed along with the rest of the flooring. No extra maintenance means more time available for use and less down time of that space.

If you are looking into athletic turf, we recommend trying out our Facility Designer tool or reaching out to your local dealer for more information.


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