Synthetic Turf International has been busy over the summer transforming many playground and field areas to a clean, safe, green space before the kids head back to school. Many school districts are moving towards the synthetic turf fields to help with maintenance costs and to extend the usable season of the field areas. Every year we receive such great feedback with comments like “I’ve been watching kids play on the field for the past 24 hours… they love it!!” from Principal Wowk. These are the top reasons our school districts are making the switch to artificial turf.

Artificial Grass is Safe for Children

One of the biggest factors about our turf is that it is a plush, soft landing should there be an accident where a child falls or trips. The turf itself has many options that are very soft and plush, but there is also another product we use to reach safe fall heights with our synthetic turf. Thermagreen foam panels can be placed underneath the turf as an added layer depending on how tall the play structures are around the turf. It comes in various thicknesses to reach varying fall height ratings for safety. Using the Thermagreen foam panels under our synthetic turf we can reach 14’ fall height ratings. This is a common height across the industry for standard playgrounds, swings, and similar structures. This prevents kids from injury in the case they fell off the monkey bars and hit their head or something similar. It’s nice to know they are safe while playing outdoors!

Turf Keep Kids Clean

Teachers and parents have had incredible reviews of synthetic turf play areas since we started making these transformations. The days of crumby bark mulch or pebbly gravel are becoming history when it comes to playgrounds. Synthetic turf provides a green, maintenance free surface for kids to play on. It looks visually appealing and is easy to clean with a leaf blower or pressure washer. Parents love that kids don’t come home with grass stained clothing anymore, they can roll around and play to their hearts desire and not get muddy, dirty or grassy!

Synthetic Turf Can Help You Avoid Allergies

A lot of times young students find natural grass to be itchy due to organics that cause allergies and sniffles. Synthetic grass is a great option to avoid allergy season all together. Synthetic turf playgrounds and play areas don’t have the weeds, pollen and other organics that cause majority of children’s allergies.

Artificial Turf is Quick and Easy to Install

The best part about this whole idea- the switch to synthetic turf is quick and easy! Most play areas can be converted in two to three days. Our team offers full turn key service, as well as offering our clients to do some of the work themselves if they have the experience and want to manage their budget.

Four Seasons Play Area with Synthetic Turf

One of the most common questions we get asked in Canada is, “how will the synthetic turf do in the winter?” The answer is quite a relief to people too! Synthetic turf is not affected by any amount of snow, freezing temperature, or ice. Yes, you can leave the turf outside all winter. No, you don’t have to roll it up and store it in a shed. Yes, we know Canada gets a lot of snow, and very cold. We have installed our synthetic turf as far North as Arviat, NU and our products stand up perfectly well to extreme weather conditions.

There are so many reasons to choose synthetic turf for your playground and play area, however we think these are some of the biggest decision-making factors for our clients. If you would like to see a sample of our favourite playground turf or the foam, please send us an inquiry to [email protected] or call us at 1-800-279-8873.  We are in the office Monday through Friday 8-4pm PST.

Experience a Greener World with Synthetic Turf Canada

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