Clients looking to transform their space with synthetic turf are committed to a large project with quite a significant budget. When you decide to make the large purchase for the new car you’ve been eyeing, you are sure to do some research and make sure you are getting exactly what you think you are. Sure, all cars have 4 wheels, some seats, and will get you from a to b, but do you want to know more than that? Of course! We all want to know about who we are dealing with, make sure the company is backed in case something goes wrong with our shiny new purchase, and ensure we are getting the exact product we purchased.

This scenario is no different than buying synthetic turf for your new backyard putting green or athletic facility. Synthetic turf is still so new that many consumers don’t realize there are different manufacturers, producing various levels of products. The industry progressed so quickly that the products went from ‘Astroturf’ to the vast variety we have today. Our company works direct with the manufacturer, Synthetic Turf International, so our clients are guaranteed to know where their turf is coming from, and that we will still be around in 10 years if they have a problem.

Artificial Grass Installations Country Wide

Synthetic Turf Canada has grown tremendously with a distributor network from coast to coast. Our widespread team allows us to work on projects in an efficient manner in most major cities in Canada and all in between. We have put together a list of project highlights from this year, see photos of these projects below.

Soccer Field in Yellowknife, NT

WickerLand in Victoria, BC

Putting Green in Halifax, NS

CrossFit in Calgary, AB

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