When it comes to choosing the best type of artificial grass to use in your yard, there are several different factors to take into consideration. Artificial grass comes in a variety of different pile heights and colours, so understanding the differences between the artificial grass options you are selecting from is essential when making your decision. The type of artificial grass that you decide to use in your yard will depend on the foot traffic of the area, as the three general types of artificial grass – nylon, polyethylene, and polypropylene – will each handle foot traffic differently.

We’ve broken down and highlighted some key information on the different types of artificial grass to help you decide which type will be best to use in your yard.

Artificial grass installation in yard

Different Types of Artificial Grass: Nylon

Synthetic turf that is made from nylon is incredibly durable and can handle heavy foot traffic and high temperatures. Because of how stiff the pile is, nylon synthetic grass is not commonly used for backyard applications like play areas for kids or pet spaces. It does, however, work well as a putting green so it can be a great option for homeowners looking to improve their golf game in their own backyard.

Nylon artificial grass is often used as secondary thatch to add stability to other artificial grass products. When combined with other artificial grasses, it creates a final product that is strong, comfortable and looks great.


While polypropylene might be the least expensive option when it comes to artificial grass, it is not the ideal choice for any large applications you might have in mind. Artificial grass made from polypropylene is not very durable, meaning that it won’t stand up well to heavy foot traffic. As well, it doesn’t handle high temperatures well, which isn’t optimal for outdoor applications, especially somewhere with a warmer climate.

Polypropylene artificial grass is a great option, however, if you want to install an indoor putting green or use it as decoration within your home. If used indoors, it will be protected from the elements and extreme temperature swings, which will keep it looking great year-round.

Artificial grass used in athletic field


When it comes to homeowners looking for the best artificial grass for their backyard, most opt for turf made from polyethylene. Its bright green colour looks amazing, and it has plenty of texture that helps it feel softer and more natural than nylon. This type of artificial grass can often be found in athletic fields such as soccer and football.

Polyethylene artificial grass is also a great option for pet-owners, as it is non-porous and won’t retain odors. Any waste can easily be washed away which limits the chance of bacteria growing in your yard, and this type of artificial grass is very easy to keep clean, only needing to be raked or brushed from time to time to keep it looking its best.

There are lots of different types of artificial grass available for many different applications, so finding the right type for your needs is important. Whether you’re looking for a low-maintenance poolside oasis or a custom putting green in your backyard, artificial turf is a great option and will keep your backyard looking lush and green all year long.



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