Our STI Ottawa team were offered an opportunity to work on a large and exciting artificial turf project this summer. They worked together with the clients to create a large mini putt course. This was a fun project because the entire course was blue, like waterways! They used our popular Pro Ball Turf in Blue to get the look the client was envisioning. It involved intricate cuts along numerous rock and tree edges as you can see from the photo below.

The finished mini golf course was built through the streams and treed in areas to really give it a natural feeling while wandering through the course. The scenery was picturesque and flowed with the landscape of the course itself. They incorporated trees and rocks along the whole course to give a fluid experience.

We love that they found ways to use the space while leaving the natural habitat in tact. Working around nature’s obstacles was part of what made this project so unique. We can’t wait to go play this unique synthetic turf putting course later this summer and invite everyone to come check it out in Perth, Ontario.

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