STI Winnipeg had an exciting opportunity arise when they were approached to provide the hamlet of Arviat with their new sports complex. They were looking for someone to design, draft, provide and install a synthetic turf regulation-sized soccer field and baseball diamond infield that could withstand the harsh arctic conditions. After some conversations with STI Winnipeg they realized it was going to be an easy decision to move forward on this project.

The seacan of materials being unloaded in Arviat, NU


The base being prepped for the 90′ x 204′ soccer field

The design began in late 2014 for this entire project to unfold in the summer of 2015. There were many specific details that had to be taken care of, as this is a unique location for a sports complex. The transportation of getting the synthetic turf and required installation materials to Arviat had to be synchronized with the weather conditions of the arctic. The channel the barge came through to ship the turf was only thawed enough for a 5 week window to deliver everything needed for both projects. STI Winnipeg had shipped everything up prior to landing in Arviat to begin the projects. Once STI Winnipeg and their team arrived in August 2015, they soon learned how different the conditions would be up there. The weather was much colder than everyone was used to –especially considering their usual summer conditions that most people came from of 30+ degrees and sunshine. They also learned that tools and materials are hard to come by so anything they didn’t bring, would have to be improvised during this time.

STI Winnipeg beginning to lay out the baseball field

The team started on the baseball field first, unrolling the field coloured turf first, followed by the clay turf. It came together nicely and quickly began looking like a real baseball diamond! The kids sat anxiously on the sides the whole time just waiting to get to play on their new field. A few of them even took matters into their own hands and helped unroll some of the final pieces of turf in the hopes they would be finished sooner.

 The baseball diamond almost fully laid out


 Completed baseball diamond using Pro Ball Turf in Pine and Clay colours

Pictured above is the completed synthetic turf baseball field. The children were all so excited to be able to play finally! When our team was leaving, they estimated about 100 people were already on the field enjoying it. The hamlet of Arviat is not stopping here though, they also have a mini golf course in the works to be installed at a future date. Details on the artificial turf soccer field are coming soon so check back to see the finished fields!

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