Artificial turf has come a long way from its inception many years ago, but there are still some important things to keep in mind about it. Because you’re installing something that is designed to last for many years there are specific things you need to do when installing it on your property. For example, understanding how much infill for artificial grass, what kind of weed protection you’ll need, and how to acclimatize the synthetic turf itself.

We break down 3 essential tips for installing your artificial grass to make it last for many years.

Install 2 Layers of Weed Membrane

No one likes dealing with weeds, especially when it comes to artificial turf. One of the main features is that you’re not supposed to have to deal with weeds at all. You won’t have to though if you follow this tip:

  • Use 2 layers of weed membrane

One layer of weed membrane is good, but it’s often not enough. Typically, the first layer is installed on the existing sub-grade. The sub-grade is just the dirt on the top that’s left after excavating your existing lawn to remove any grass. The first layer will handle weeds that are deeper in the soil and prevent them from rising up.

The second layer should be installed directly below the artificial turf itself. This prevents additional light from coming through that would help weeds grow and provides additional support for the latex backing to prevent grinding or crunching.

Acclimatizing artificial turfLet the Artificial Grass Fully Acclimatize Before Use

When it’s made, synthetic turf is rolled up tightly to be able to ship it easily. Because of this, it still retains this rolled-up “memory” when unrolled like a new poster.

To ensure it lies flat and is easy to cut, simply unroll it and lay it out on your lawn (roughly in the place it will be installed). This will help it properly acclimatize and lie flat.

How Much Infill Do You Need for Artificial Grass? It Depends on Your Application

Because there are many kinds of artificial turf, infill will highly depend on the application. That being said, a good rule of thumb is between 2.5-3lbs of a product like 12/20 or 16/30 Envirofill per square foot. If you have any dogs that will be running around on your new turf, we recommend using 3lbs per square foot.

If you’re ever not sure about how much infill to use, simply refer to the manufacturer’s breakdown of your specific kind of artificial grass.

While all these tips are crucial if you’re installing artificial turf yourself, we recommend getting professionals to do it so you can get your synthetic grass installed efficiently and effectively!



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