Nowadays, there is more selection than ever before for landscaping and that includes artificial grass. No longer the stubby, clearly plastic turf of the past, artificial grass now comes in a plethora of types, and unless you’re looking closely, is almost indistinguishable from normal grass. As a result, there are many opportunities to use it on your property like installing artificial grass between pavers on your walkway or driveway.

Below we detail some of the most modern and trendy ideas for using artificial grass.

Installing Artificial Grass Between Pavers in Your Driveway

Your driveway doesn’t have to be a massive concrete slab or only be made up of concrete pavers. A great way to break up the huge chunk of grey in your driveway is to install artificial turf. There are several ways to do this. For instance, you could install simple “strips” of artificial turf or even make a pattern out of them.

If you’re wondering how to install artificial grass between pavers to add some visual variety to your front yard we recommend reaching out to your artificial turf supplier as they are best equipped to handle this.

Add Artificial Turf to Your Patio

For those who don’t have a grass backyard, you can easily make one. By simply adding artificial grass to your patio you can still have the green backyard you always wanted without needing a large amount of spacing or having to water it constantly.

Conversely, the same can be true for your front yard if the front of your home is where you have a patio, but no lawn.

Work Synthetic Turf Into Your Children’s Play Area

Artificial grass is especially good if your backyard has a sandbox as the sand doesn’t harm the grass or surrounding plants. Additionally, artificial grass can be used simply as a softer choice for creating a play area for your children. Even if they fall down, synthetic turf is a lot softer than regular grass due to the thicker foam that makes up artificial grass.

Artificial grass lawn bowlingMake Artificial Grass a Functional Piece of Your Backyard

Synthetic turf doesn’t just have to be decorative, it can also be functional. For instance, you can set up a putting green or lawn bowling section of your yard to practice your putting or lawn bowling respectively!

Clearly, there are many different kinds of ways to use artificial grass. From using it next to your pool for a more comfortable walking area to making inventive patterns with it in your yard, it can add that final piece to your home’s aesthetic.



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