Our featured install this month comes from Kelowna, British Columbia.

BC struggles with drought conditions in the summer time due to higher than normal temperatures and a lack of rainfall. This causes many districts to implement water restrictions and generally the first thing to go, is watering residential lawns and gardens. Many home owners are finding that turning their yard into a drought tolerant landscape is a good option. This allows them to have a visually appealing space with the use of drought tolerant shrubs, trees, and aggregate. Including our lush synthetic turf in the design helps add a pop of colour and keeps the space usable. All this while not requiring daily watering of flower beds, or a sprinker system, to keep the lawn green year-round.

This client had a few different ideas of how they could transform this space, so STI Kelowna began by prividing designs to give them a visualization. The image here is the design they went with which features a drought tolerant garden in the centre of our artifical turf.

Client’s chosen design for their front yard.

The STI Kelowna team (posing below) worked through an intense heat wave, where average temperatures were 40 degrees, to complete this project.

STI Kelowna prepping the land.

Four short days later, the client has a completely drought tolerant yard to enjoy without the hassle or cost of maintenance. This space features our popular artifical turf, SoftLawn Select, which stands 2″ tall and 92 oz/sq.yd.


The completed front yard using our SoftLawn® Select turf and drought tolerant landscaping.

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