Synthetic turf has become a popular alternative to traditional grass, as it is relatively low maintenance and if properly installed and cared for, is durable and long-lasting. While many people tend to associate synthetic turf with spaces like sports fields and gym spaces, there are a number of other ways you can utilize turf to create a fresh, low-maintenance green space. Whether you’re looking to reduce the amount of yard maintenance you have to do or are looking to add some colour to your outdoor space, there are a number of great ideas for using synthetic turf in your backyard!

Synthetic turf on balcony

Synthetic Turf Backyard Ideas: Add Colour to Your Balcony

In spaces where growing and maintaining grass is impractical – such as balconies and rooftop patios – synthetic turf can be a great alternative to help add some colour to your space. Not only is it durable and low-maintenance, but it will also add a softness to your outdoor space that will make your balcony or rooftop patio very inviting.

If you’re wanting to create a complete garden escape, try pairing synthetic turf with some potted plants and comfy patio furniture.

Create an Easy Clean-Up Surface for Pets

Not only is synthetic turf good for handling heavy foot traffic, but it also makes a great, easy clean-up surface for pets. Because it is permeable to rainwater, artificial grass absorbs liquid waste without discolouration. Simply remove solid waste by hand and hose down the area periodically to keep the surface clean and odour-free. And because of synthetic turf’s durability, it is less likely to be damaged by the different antics that pets can get into, such as digging.

Synthetic Turf around swimming pool

Lush, Pool-Side Paradise

Adding synthetic turf to your poolside will not only make the space feel like a lush paradise but will also remove the often-uncomfortable hot concrete that typically surrounds backyard pools during the summer months. Synthetic turf will also help to create a non-slip surface surrounding your pool to help keep someone from taking a tumble.

Synthetic turf also removes the need to have to move around any poolside furniture for weekly mowing, making it an easy, low-maintenance poolside feature.

Freshen Up Narrow Side-Yards

Side yards, because of their small spaces, are typically high-traffic areas, making traditional grass a less-favourable option. While many people would opt to just install concrete pavers in their side yards, synthetic turf is a great alternative, as it’s durable enough to withstand steady foot traffic. To add some focal interest to a narrow side yard, try installing synthetic turf between concrete paving stones.

Whether you are looking to add some focal interest to a small backyard space, freshen up a rooftop patio, or create your dream poolside oasis, the backyard applications for synthetic turf are numerous!



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