Have you been thinking about using artificial turf for your event? You’re not alone. Event turf has been growing in popularity for personal events, corporate events, and general commercial use steadily over recent years. Consumers are becoming more aware of the wide variety of options, and this makes it easier to utilize the product in many scenarios.

Set the Perfect Scene

Event planners put in uncountable hours to ensure their event goes off without a hitch. Planning months or even years in advance presents some challenges. Arguably one of the most difficult to plan around, would be environmental. Wedding venues are turning to synthetic turf to ensure no matter the weather conditions leading up to the day, they can promise their couples a perfectly manicured lawn as a backdrop to the wedding. Event rental companies are also more inclined to work with these venues as their rentals are returned clean and in much better condition than if it were a rainy day and furniture was left in the mud.

Portable Green Space

Synthetic turf is also a great option for scenarios where the turf may need to be moved after some time, or events that move around the country. The turf is a great, lightweight option to provide green floor space in an instant. Just roll it out and watch the green space grow! We find consumers love this option for trade shows and large outdoor conferences as the synthetic turf is ADA compliant (wheelchairs can roll) and it is easy to clean and maintain with high traffic areas.

Sponsorship Opportunities

With the custom logo and waterjet abilities of our manufacturing plant, the possibilities are truly endless of what we can provide for corporate events. We often have large media events ‘sell’ the advertising space in the synthetic turf for companies to insert their logo right into the turf. These are some of the recent logos we have provided.


Artificial turf for personal events such as weddings, photo booths, and reunions is becoming a top choice to achieve the lush backyard lawn appearance many strive towards. The turf makes it feel much more inviting and luxurious.

The corporate use of synthetic turf is something that is growing in popularity as people learn how far synthetic turf has come since ‘Astroturf’ days. It really does look realistic and there are so many colours, heights, and other specifications to make it exactly what you are looking for. Most recently we find businesses using artificial turf for commercials and in film and tv shows. Adding some turf to the set allows for the show to display a real neighbourhood home, at any time of year with a beautiful lawn.

Many municipalities are also including synthetic lawn in their plan for community markets and festivals due to its easy maintenance and cleaning abilities. Having a pet friendly space where people can go hang out is a great addition to any event.

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