We at Synthetic Turf Canada understand that not all fitness facilities are the same. Each sport and activity have different footing needs, and that’s why we design synthetic turf specifically for each type of sport. Our line of athletic turf carries products with all sorts of varying specifications to ensure we cover the needs of the many sports out there.

CrossFit Synthetic Turf

We find that most CrossFit facilities choose to go with our Pro Ball Turf or Trainers Choice. These turfs are available in varying widths, colours and foam back options which allows the company to work within their specific space and needs. Often, companies will go with the option of having the manufacturer tuft in hash marks and lines along the turf. This allows the fitness facility to simply unroll their turf and it is ready to go with the lines already inserted. Another option is to include your custom logo in the turf as seen in the photo below.

Baseball Synthetic Turf

Our Baseball turf is the same construction of Pro Ball Turf, in the traditional Clay baseball colour. Our baseball infields include the batters mound, home plate, and lines running to first, second and third base. The outfield is traditionally done in Pro Ball Turf in our classic Pine colour.

Soccer Synthetic Turf

Soccer fields have a few options, but the most common option we see is our Bermuda Blend synthetic turf. It is a very durable lawn product that’s not too tall making it easier to play with the ball on the field.

Tennis Synthetic Turf

Synthetic Turf International has created Tennis Pro for use on tennis field installations. It comes in green, blue and white and is generally sold as a half court or full court set up.

Bocce Synthetic Turf

Bocce Pro is a newer product from Synthetic Turf International, recently created to meet the demands for bocce courts in North America. It is again a similar construction to Pro Ball Turf, giving the ball a nice easy path to roll down. It comes in the classic sand bocce colour to resemble a true court.

When it comes to the flooring options for your project, you need to consider what the space is going to be used for. Will it be primarily designed for lifting weights? Will there be sled pushing? Perhaps you will be splitting the space into different rooms to allow for various sport activity. Our team is available to discuss the best options for your specific type of application.

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