Artificial grass tee lines helping local businesses stay open


Artificial grass is becoming a common practice in helping golf courses provide their members the most practice hours per season. Did you know that many driving ranges are struggling to stay open due to overuse? The demand for practice is there, but the tee lines are taking a hit during their busy season. The tee lines require time to rest and regrow in the case of natural grass, and this means closing the range for those weeks or even months. Synthetic Turf can help golf courses keep their business open, by installing full artificial grass tee lines, or smaller, more portable tee mats. These artificial turf tee lines are designed to withstand substantial use, and allow the natural tee line to recover in the meantime. 

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Artificial grass can look and feel just like natural tee lines


Ensuring the most natural feeling synthetic grass product is what will maintain the member’s happiness with the driving range; that’s why Synthetic Turf International only provides the most realistic form of tee line turf, EZTee. This EZTee artificial grass gives the golfer the same down and through movement of natural tee grass, allowing them to use their same swing and perfect the movement. EZTee synthetic turf is built to last, so you don’t have to think about replacing your tee line after a busy season. With a quick installation, most tee lines are complete within one to two days, making the transition seamless, just like the turf! 

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