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Synthetic Turf Maintenance: Steps on How to Seam Artificial Turf

Knowing how to seam artificial turf properly is the most critical step in the installation process and a lot of people get this step wrong. You may wonder, what is seaming? Seaming artificial turf means to join separate rolls of synthetic turf together using adhesive glue and seaming tape. Doing this task properly not only ensures…

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Artificial Turf for Tradeshows

Synthetic turf a welcome addition to trade show booths in Vancouver. Many exhibitors have chosen to go this route to add a pop of colour to their booth. We have synthetic turf designed to withstand this large amount of traffic in a short period of time. Generally, we guide clients towards the shorter pile height…

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Benefits of Fake Grass for Pets

More and more homeowners are choosing to replace their natural lawns with artificial grass for a variety of reasons including the benefits it offers pet owners. Fake grass for pets offers a safe, lush, and virtually maintenance-free lawn for your pets.  Fake Grass for Pets Rises in Popularity  It doesn’t come as a surprise to our team at Synthetic Turf that fake…