There has been a shift away from play surfaces such as bark mulch and asphalt in recent years due to the safety concerns and frustration over the mess it makes. Synthetic turf has seen a steady rise in these spaces as it fills the gap perfectly to use playground turf.

A Safe Playground Turf Space

The number one concern when first investigating synthetic turf as an option for a play space, is “Is it safe?” Owners, parents, and caregivers all want to make sure that they are making the best decision for the little ones who will be spending hours on this new play surface. We are pleased to be able to answer, yes! Artificial turf and any infill or foam base are completely kid-friendly.

In an excerpt we borrowed from a supplier US Greentech on what kid-friendly means to their company, “Envirofill and Safeshell are kid-friendly, and to us, that means non-toxic, allergen-free, and certified non-hazardous. It’s cleaner than other infills and minimizes the risk associated with the bumps and scrapes of playtime because it’s infused with an innovative antimicrobial agent called Microban that keeps bacteria and smells at bay.” –US Greentech

Softness for Little Hands and Feet

The sub base layer of foam helps add an extra level of comfort to the playground. We always recommend using ThermaGreen Playlite surfaces under the synthetic turf, especially when there are play structures on the area. ThermaGreen is rated for 12′ fall heights from play structures so daycares and playgrounds can rest assured that safety is our top priority.

We offer a large range of synthetic turf products that are suitable for playground spaces. Our top choices are constructed using Polyethylene as it is the softest yarn available; kids love playing on these artificial turfs. All of our synthetic turf options are constructed with type of use in mind. We understand these spaces will have a high level of foot traffic and they are designed to withstand many years of traffic. Shorter pile heights will help with aesthetics of not showing as much wear to the product, whereas longer pile height turfs may show a bit more wear after years of use.

There are lots of fun add on options we can implement to your project such as a synthetic turf hopscotch area, or little animals or pictures in fun colours to create meeting spaces for the children. You can view some of our favourites over the years on our Playgrounds gallery.

artificial turf playground

A Clean Option

The play area is much easier to maintain and keep clean with no mulch spreading around the grounds. Playground turf can be pressure washed and blown with a leaf blower for easy clean up of fall debris. Most turfs have an infill-free option so there are no small bits that littles could pick up or inhale. If the turf does have an infill, it is similar to a grain of sand in size and sinks very low in the artificial turf so it can’t easily be picked out. The types of infill we use in our products is extremely safe and kid-friendly specifically for this type of application.

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