Creating a Backyard Oasis with Synthetic Turf

Once in a while, we have a client come to us entirely fed up with their yard and looking for a total revamp of the space. This would be one of those times. This family knew they wanted artificial grass and a putting green, but left the specifics up to our design team.

This was a really nice space with lots of opportunity so we went with our favourite product, Autumn Fescue and our premium putting surface. The space wound around gardens and rock features, with the lower level focused on the centre putting green. They created a 3 hole green as you can see in the photos here. It has only been complete a few days and they have already stopped by to let us know it is getting lots of use and they are so pleased with their new space!

We left the intricate details of the gardens and trees, but cut in turf around the stone work and enclosing rock wall. This gives the yard a nice open feel, with the turf winding all the way up through the trees to the higher level. You can see the green of the turf peaking through the trees in these photos. This was quite a large project and we are so pleased that the family left the creative design up to us and are in turn thrilled with their new space.

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