Our team of distributors love walking clients through the planning of their new space. One of the contributing factors to our client’s happiness with the end result is their involvement throughout the process. We start by assessing the client’s needs as everyone has a different definition of what they are looking for out of their synthetic turf.

Assess the Need for Synthetic Turf

We encounter families of avid golfers, pet lovers, and those ready to just be able to entertain. A putting green provides the perfect gathering space for a backyard. Adults and children alike love the chance to putt into the various holes and try new angles and tricks based on the shape of the green our team builds. It gets people excited as they take turns playing on the green and often gets the competitive side of people out too!

Create the Design Layout

If you have a rough idea of how you imagine your new space, but need some help with the details, we can help with that! Our team has experience in designing all sorts of spaces, and our customers love that we show you exactly how it will look through our SketchUp Design program. Being able to see the space laid out and how the colours compare against each other makes the decision of which quote to go ahead with much easier.

Keep the Client Informed

Open communication throughout the scheduling and installation helps keep our clients in the loop throughout the full process. When clients understand what is going on and when to expect installers on their property, the project flows much smoother and everyone is happy.

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