95% of synthetic turf customers have agreed that one of their main motivators to purchase artificial turf was for the low maintenance space. Many of our residential customers purchase homes with a small patch of natural grass in the front yard, which is a growing trend among new builds. Home owners find this to be more of a nuisance to water, fertilize, mow and maintain. Imagine dragging a lawn mower up the side to the front of the house for a 10×10’ patch of grass every few days, the thought is enough to annoy us!

The benefit of having synthetic turf is that there is zero maintenance required. Any maintenance packages we offer are completely optional and purely for aesthetics (mainly after winter when everything could use a little love). Some clients live in very high wind areas, or have more than the average amount of trees nearby, in which case we recommend using a leaf blower to remove fallen debris from the artificial turf.

Spring Refresh by Synthetic Turf

Synthetic Turf Canada has a strong Spring Refresh Program available to all customers. An added benefit of working with us is that we can manage all maintenance and turf care for you. Some of our customers like to take part in the Spring Refresh program once a year to give their yard a bit of a spruce up before the busy summer season. A Spring Refresh includes power wash, removal of debris, and brushing of the synthetic turf to leave it looking brand new. They typically take 1-2 hours for most projects and can be scheduled at any time. We do have a Spring Refresh list started for 2018 clients, so if you know you will want to take part when the snow clears, let us know and we can get your home added to the schedule.

Cleaning Synthetic Turf for Pets

Synthetic turf installed with the primary focus being a dog run may need a bit more attention than the average backyard or putting green space. For these projects, we recommend installing with a product called Zeolite which acts as a deodorizer and actively removes any poor scents. Whether a project was installed with Zeolite or not, there is another product we recommend for clients having problems with pet odours, Pro Vet Logic. This is a spray that is applied to a completed installation at any time there is deemed to be a pet problem. It is completely safe for use around pets and children, so families don’t need to worry about the safety factor.

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