Custom Designed Artificial Grass for Multi-Sports Play Area

Our featured install this week is a unique application that we really enjoyed putting together for this client. The family was looking for a multi-use artificial grass that they could have throughout their entire outdoors space. We were able to provide them with a great option, Pro Ball Turf. This artificial turf has the flexibility for us to adjust the infill levels to create a variety of play areas. Our team designed the space to suit just about any activity! By using a multi-use turf, and playing with infill levels, we created a space for their kids to play soccer, tennis, basketball, jump on the trampoline and climb on playground structures safely.

Pet Friendly and Child Safe Synthetic Turf

Pro Ball Turf is a pet friendly, child safe option that still looks great and makes for a perfect play turf. It is one of our most versatile options, hence why we used it for this unique project.

We were so happy to see the kids playing around as soon as the turf was finished. The dog ran out and started doing laps of the yard, rolling around as happy as could be! This is the reaction we love to see after each project comes to an end.

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