The featured install this month comes from STI Kelowna. The clients were unhappy with their current yard and wanted to add usable green space for their two puppies. The space was full of loose gravel and had one section of another manufacturer’s turf, which they were unhappy with the odor, texture and continuous weeds. 

Backyard Before
Side Yard Before

The family has two large breed dogs so they were looking for a solution to make their life a bit easier while creating an aesthetically pleasing space at the same time.

Our team began by removing the other artificial turf and getting the ground ready for our brand new turf. They were debating between a few of our products so we guided them. They chose a product that was just released new for 2016, SoftLawn® Bermuda Blend, so everyone was excited to see it installed.

Backyard After

SoftLawn® Bermuda Blend is a polypropylene/polyethylene blend which was important for this installation. They shouldn’t have a nylon product especially when pets will be in the area, as nylon has a 16% absorption rate. This is likely what caused the odors in the yard prior. Our Bermuda Blend turf comes in our popular Field/Olive colour and stands 1 ¼” tall with 87 oz/sq.yd.

Side Yard After

The clients were just as pleased as we were with the final outcome, what a transformation! This is a great product for people with pets or who prefer the shorter pile height of turf. It looks aesthetically pleasing and makes cleaning up the yard much easier and cleaner overall.

Since completing this installation, this new synthetic turf product has been installed over 20 times across Canada. We are very excited about how great it looks installed especially.

Backyard After

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