In some parts of Canada, Spring has been warmly welcomed with blue skies, sunshine and even temperatures reaching 20! Meanwhile, other areas saw a fresh snowfall and temperatures well below freezing.

No matter which part of the country we are in, one of the most common questions we get asked is, “how will my synthetic turf hold up over the harsh Canadian winters?” The truth is, snow, hail and freezing temperatures do no damage to the artificial turf. Due to the unique way the yarn fibers are created, they can withstand the heavy snow sitting on the turf for months on end. We have installed synthetic grass lawns and sports fields as far North as Nunavut, and they see more snow and cold winter conditions than most of us could imagine. None of our projects have been affected by the conditions endured in these types of locations. It is fine to walk on the turf, let the dogs out over the winter, and even leave Mr. Snowman out there while it’s freezing.

The only tricky part of synthetic turf in these conditions is the initial installation. We strongly recommend all installations be completed in above freezing conditions to ensure the sub base won’t shift and the turf is secure. For example, in Nunavut we waited until their warmest time of year (August) to install their artificial grass to ensure it would look great year round.

Winter Putting Green

These home owners choose to use their green year round!

When Spring arrives in your area, and the snow has melted, our certified installers would be happy to provide a Spring Cleaning of the turf to ensure it looks it’s best. This includes using a power broom to remove any debris that has settled over the winter months, as well as checking for any potential problem areas of the turf. Homeowners could also perform these tasks themselves using a leaf blower and giving the turf a good once over.

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