Transform Building for Rent

We have had some inquiries by people who have a seasonal business looking to capitalize on their slow season. Owners who have a building sitting empty for consecutive months are laying indoor synthetic turf to create a rentable space for the community. We have seen people create a space for sports practices, like a mini soccer field open to the public to rent or for off-season athletic training for personal trainers who don’t want to train outdoors in the cold. We have also seen people convert their space into a place for corporate functions or weddings. A covered space with the look and feel of the outdoors does very well in the rental market. Corporate functions, birthday parties, and community events have kept these spaces booked during the businesses off season.


There has been a growing trend in North America towards golf related activities in the entertainment industry. Businesses like Top Golf are doing extremely well in creating a fun environment similar to going bowling back in the day. They create a bar vibe, with DJs playing music, food and beverage for purchase, and teams competing against each other for the best score.

Indoor Mini Putt Course

Arcades and children’s entertainment buildings often include a mini putt course indoors to keep the business going in the winter. The businesses we have worked with often include an outdoor course, and then another version indoors for when the weather doesn’t permit play outdoors. The options are unlimited with our coloured turf and ability to work with any design and space.

Flooring for Play Areas

Daycare facilities are moving towards only using synthetic turf as the fall height ratings and durability are unmatched. Our EZ Play system is designed specifically for these types of facilities with play structures and keep kids safety at the top of mind.

Trade shows and convention displays

Synthetic turf has become the go to flooring option for many vendors at their exhibits. The variety of the product line provides many options when choosing a style and appearance of the booth. On top of variety, it is also a cost effective way to add a certain uniqueness to your display!

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