Markland Wood Golf Course installs Synthetic Turf Canada’s premium EZTee Hybrid Plus hitting turf.16

Markland Wood Golf Course has completed a very large update of their grounds this summer. They asked Synthetic Turf Canada to complete the brand new power cage they were building. Our team was excited to create a stunning new space for them with some of our favourite products! EZTee Hybrid Plus is our premium hitting turf option which many top courses have chosen to install at their driving range. For the receiving turf within the netted area, we used our SoftLawn Bluegrass Blend. This product is one of our most popular all around turfs as it is quite versatile for residential and commercial applications, not to mention it looks great alongside EZTee turf.

Markland Wood Golf Course Power Cage


The new synthetic turf in use!

In this aerial video below of Markland Wood Golf Course, you can see the entire transformation take place. They expanded the size of the putting green and bunker on the right, and added this entire new power cage to their facility. The video is interesting to see how it all came together!

Aerial View of Markland Installation Time Lapse

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