With the seasons starting to change across Canada, most neighbourhoods start to see the wildlife adjusting to new temperatures. Bears begin to scavenge for food before hibernation, and birds fly south. A large draw to synthetic turf backyards is the fact that it’s now a non-organic space, so it won’t attract deer, bears, or the occasional wildlife we’ve grown to see wander through our neighbourhoods.

Artificial Grass Doesn’t Attract Animals

There is no research to suggest that animals are drawn to synthetic turf more than natural grass. Any suggestion that they are is a long-held myth. Many employees of our company and our customers can attest to the fact that it will not be a problem. When the backyard synthetic turf is kept free of garbage and debris, there is no longer anything to attract wildlife. In Western Canada, wildlife is most commonly drawn to berry bushes surrounding people’s backyards, often when backing up to a uninhabited wetland. If you have a berry bush, a simple way to keep the wildlife out is by putting up a fence along the turf line to deter the animals from strolling right through your yard.

Synthetic Turf Can’t be Damaged by Animals

If you have those sneaky little racoons or other animals that just weasel their way into your yard no matter what you do, you can rest assured they won’t damage your synthetic grass. The turf is made up of various yarn types, essentially a plastic, so it is very durable and can withstand the foot traffic. As most of our products are designed for pets, they can also handle being used by wildlife.

Synthetic Turf Doesn’t Hurt the Animals

We often get asked, ‘but will the artificial turf harm the wildlife?’ The answer is no. Our turf is all designed to be completely safe for pets and children, so there are no components that would be unsafe for wild animals. They won’t be able to rip it or eat it as the backing to our products is so strong holding it together.

Turf is Easy to Clean

If the berry-eating animal makes his way into your yard and makes a mess of berry juice and branches, you don’t need to worry! Synthetic turf is very easy to clean and maintain. The debris can be removed with a leaf blower, and any spills can be cleaned off with a pressure washer. If there is a big mess, a cloth or brush can be used to wipe the area clean and just pressure wash it to remove any residue. The turf will air dry and be good as new again.

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