New Synthetic Turf Boulevards Easy on the Eyes and Wallet

How many times have you driven past a poor sod trying to mow the lawn along a busy street, and thought to yourself there must be a better way? Synthetic turf provides an alternate solution, which saves you hours of mowing, weeding, and cleaning up public spaces.

Many large cities are starting to see this wave of transition as artificial grass becomes the popular choice in public spaces. Vancouver has seen many boulevards converted to synthetic grass to ease the maintenance work and traffic disruptions. For these same reasons, many businesses are converting the space out front of their buildings to synthetic turf. Car dealerships especially like this option, as they can drive their vehicles right onto the synthetic turf for a clean display that can be easily switched out. Here are some photos showing a recent before and after our team completed for a business in Vancouver. We can’t get over how much of a difference the synthetic turf has made in this one space!

Reduce Maintenance Costs with Synthetic Turf

By installing synthetic grass in public accessible spaces, maintenance work is reduced to almost none, easing the cost associated with the switch. It also helps keep the space aesthetically pleasing without any work. When the snow has all melted, the bright green turf is sitting there ready to be enjoyed immediately, no mud, or mess! The clean lines of the install remain a favourite factor as well, completely customizable to your space, the initial installation will set the look of the space for years to come!

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