Companies are always looking for fresh new ideas to keep the company morale up and inspire their employees to stay motivated. There have been many studies done around this and they generally come back with the same array of results. Employees who feel valued, cared for, competent and comfortable in their work environment are four times more likely to stay with the company than employees who don’t. Happiness has been a key factor in employee productivity, especially when employees are working in team or group environments where morale spreads to others if a situation isn’t handled quickly. That’s why we came up with some creative ways to help boost our employee’s morale around the office and keep their energy up.

Synthetic Turf Finds 3 Creative Ways to Increase Employee Morale

Artificial Grass and Thinking Green

Creating a work space that drives creativity and fresh new ideas is key to promote motivation. One way to do that is to have a central area where employees can go unwind for a few minutes.  A dart board and pool table make for a great space full of distraction and fun to reset the mind and body before heading back into a project. Alternatively, some books and comfy couches can go a long way to reset the mind. Create a space with a change of scenery and get creative to increase the creativity among employees. Courtyards, rooftop patios, or even converting a spare corner into a soothing oasis goes a long way. Synthetic turf can be used to create a gathering space in an indoor office building that feels like a real garden. Adding some plants and synthetic turf changes the entire feel of the space into an outdoor oasis, right around the corner from your desk.


Allowing Time for Personal Projects

It’s more important in today’s age than ever before to allow your employees the freedom to be who they are. This includes bringing a taste of their personal interests into the workplace. Many companies have had great success with monthly or annual volunteer programs. It works by allowing the employee to choose their own cause to donate their time to, in exchange for 4 hours a month in the office, or however your team chooses to allocate the time. Celebrating your employee’s personal victories and success stories at an annual Christmas party is a great way to recognize their hard work towards something they are passionate about.

Artificial Grass Can Offer Something Meaningful and Fun

Providing an employee an extra day off work to spend however they choose in their birthday month is a great way to show them you care about them! Many companies are taking this incentive on and employees have reported great feedback.

Have another idea that works well for your office? We would love to hear what else companies are doing to keep their employees engaged in the work place, comment below to share your ideas!

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