Record-Breaking Drought Conditions Lead to Mandatory Water Restrictions

Dry summer conditions and shortage of rainfall are two things most Canadians are far too familiar with.

With extreme conditions once again in 2015, many cities were forced to implement the highest stage of water restrictions by July. Dry conditions, low snowpack, and shrinking reservoirs all contribute to the stage of restrictions enforced city to city. Vancouver 2016 restrictions began more than two weeks earlier than 2015 to try to ensure enough water supply by the end of summer.

This doesn’t guarantee residents that water will be readily available by the end of summer though, so citizens are urged to be mindful of their personal usage. Most areas are currently in stage 1 restrictions across Canada, meaning most types of watering is restricted to specific days and times. If we reach a stage 3 again like last year, this is what it means:

  • All lawn watering is prohibited
  • Watering of gardens, shrubs and trees is restricted to hand watering only
  • Vehicle/boat washing is prohibited
  • Surface and power washing is restricted to safety reasons only.

So What Can We Do?

During these hot, dry months, residents are encouraged to be mindful of all water usage. Consider trying different ways to save water, such as collecting rain water to water gardens or shortening showers. If you must water your garden, choose to do so in the cooler times of day for the most efficient use of water.


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Is Synthetic Turf a Plausible Option?

With more and more restrictions in place, for six months of the year many places, many people are looking for alternative options altogether. Xeriscaping has become a far more appealing option to homeowners and commercial properties alike. Most people can agree that staring at a dead, brown grass isn’t exactly how we picture summer vacation. Landscape companies everywhere are specializing in xeriscape to minimize the amount of water used by combining native plants and rock work to create a beautiful outdoor space. Synthetic Turf is a great option to add some green space to the xeriscape without the maintenance, watering, fertilizers or pesticides that can come with having a lawn. A well designed yard with synthetic turf and rock work can greatly increase your property value, and offset the cost of the initial installation. As you can see from these photos, there are so many different options. Synthetic Turf Canada is also able to create custom turf to specifically meet your needs if you have required specs for your design. We would love to hear from you to see if we can help make your dream space a reality this year.

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*Find out the current stages in effect

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