Synthetic turf is an excellent option for a myriad of sports activities. From gym turf to outdoor soccer fields to football stadiums, there are a lot of advantages to synthetic sports turf.

Among all the applications of gym turf, CrossFit facilities, in particular, have found many advantages to installing synthetic turf in their facilities. Three benefits of CrossFit turf include:

  • Low Impact on Joints
  • Equipment Slides on CrossFit Turf
  • Artificial Gym Turf Endurance

Low Impact on Joints

Artificial turf for CrossFit has the unique advantage of being easier on athletes’ joints. Unlike traditional grass, synthetic turf absorbs a lot of the shock that would normally be transferred to the body. Athletes can work out longer and harder without being stopped or hindered by injuries caused by impact.

Equipment Slides on CrossFit Turf

Many athletes and programs have incorporated sled pulling into workout routines. By adding weights, sled pulling can be an excellent workout for athletes at all levels of fitness. The only issue is that sleds need a smooth surface to slide on.

CrossFit turf provides that smooth surface, allowing sleds and other equipment to glide smoothly.

Synthetic CrossFit TurfArtificial Gym Turf Endurance

Many CrossFit activities include dropping weights and other equipment and then picking them back up to repeat the process. With cement or hard floor, or even regular grass, these exercises won’t be an option. But with artificial Gym Grass, you’ll be able to deadlift, drop or even throw weights on the ground and it will not harm the artificial turf. Plus, dropping weights on synthetic turf will also be less noisy, especially when you have large groups of people all completing the same exercise.

Synthetic CrossFit Turf

Synthetic turf has a myriad of benefits for your CrossFit facility. From your athlete’s health to the range of exercises that you’ll be able to achieve on synthetic turf, there are many benefits to installing it in your facility.

We’ve helped many CrossFit facilities install CrossFit turf to date, and would be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you find the best athletic turf solution for your facility.


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