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The Financial Benefits of Installing Synthetic Turf in Your Kelowna Home

The Financial Benefits of Installing Synthetic Turf in Your Kelowna Home

Kelowna homeowners that choose to install Synthetic Turf lawn and landscaping products reap the endless financial benefits of a virtually maintenance-free lawn.  

Synthetic Turf is doesn’t require water, eliminates lawn care products and comes with a lengthy warranty to ensure your artificial lawn remains green for years to come.

With so many benefits and homeowners making the switch, Synthetic Turf’s team decided to compile a list of the top reasons installing artificial grass is a savvy investment.

  1. Minimal Lawn Maintenance with Fake Grass 
  2. Synthetic Turf Eliminates Lawn Care Products 
  3. Installing Artificial Grass Saves Water and Money

Minimal Lawn Maintenance with Fake Grass

Synthetic Turf products are ideal for maintaining a pristine looking lawn with minimal effort. There are several landscaping products available for enhancing the look of your artificial lawn that do not require upkeep.

Artificial grass provides homeowners a gorgeous green grass without the hassle of landscaping, lawn upkeep and expensive fertilizers. Save your money and the time it would take you to mow, trim and water your lawn. Instead, spend your money and time focusing on your hobbies, family, friends or other aspects of your life.

Every year we see improvements in the quality, feel, environmental effects and upkeep of artificial grass. As a result, fake grass provides simple maintenance and exceptional lawn care benefits.

Synthetic Turf Eliminates

Installing Synthetic Turf is financially a great long-term investment. All of our Synthetic Turf products come with the option of a lengthy warranty that will protect your lawn for years to come. Plus, you will save tons on gas, oil and general upkeep on lawn mowers and trimmers.

Once Synthetic Turf is installed, the warranty and durability ensure your lawn remains green and natural looking without the cost of long-term upkeep. At the end of the day, enjoy the same green natural appeal and softness as natural grass, without the expense.

Installing Artificial Grass Saves Water and Money

In order for real grass to remain green and lush, homeowners have to spend hours on upkeep, tons of water and as a result a lot of money. Installing Artificial grass eliminates the need to water your lawn as well as purchasing pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides or fungicides.

Artificial grass pays for itself in maintenance and watering alone. In addition to saving water, it will remain aesthetically pleasing year round!

Contact Synthetic Turf to install your artificial lawn and reap the financial benefits of having pristine green artificial grass year round.