Synthetic Grass Playgrounds – Top 5 Reasons to Have One

  1. Low Maintenance
  2. More Family Time
  3. Avoid Slivers and Other Injuries
  4. Have an Even Playing Surface
  5. No More Allergies

Artificial grass is becoming more popular, especially in arid climates like the Okanagan. Kelowna residents are deciding to save time, energy and cash by switching to grass alternatives. Playground spaces are notorious for muddy patches under the swings and high traffic burnouts that lead to messy situations and potential slips. Synthetic Turf can help you transform your backyard and provide a playground friendly landscape that will stand the test of time. Imagine all of the extra time you will have without mowing the lawn and how much extra money you will save on your irrigation bill!

Artificial Grass is Low Maintenance

Skip the back breaking dandelion weeding and pesticide use from now on (and dirty looks from the neighbours). Enjoy a safer, kid friendly environment knowing that you don’t have to apply chemical weed killers. Put the dangerous weed-wacker away and never worry about an unsightly trim. Our product looks like the real deal without all of the hassle, making it ideal for those who prefer spending more family time. Clients with decreased mobility, such as some of our grandparents, enjoy having their little ones over to play without having to spend hours preparing the yard. Synthetic Turf doesn’t fade in the sunshine and the kids can still enjoy running through the sprinkler on hot summer days without worrying about creating slippery mud spots.

Turf Makes An Entertaining Dream

Wouldn’t it be great to plan your child’s next outdoor birthday party or family BBQ without having to spend hours completing lawn maintenance in the yard? Save your knees and your back from all of that mowing, weeding and trimming while you save your wallet and the environment from excessive water use. Regardless of what time your family and friends or the kids’ play dates stop by, know that your lawn will always be looking awesome!

Sliver-Free Fun!

Many playgrounds have wood chips or bark mulch in place. These items can cause unnecessary splinters, and feel awful when kids get pieces stuck into their clothing or shoes. Eliminate the issue altogether by installing Synthetic Turf instead! Our artificial grass feels soft and has some cushion to it for those unavoidable wipe-outs. Besides, wood based playground products get soggy and compressed and even moldy, requiring replacement multiple times a year. Synthetic Turf is extremely durable and lasts for years, keeping your playground looking brand new.

Synthetic Turf Makes For An Even Playing Surface

Say goodbye to uneven divots, hidden rocks and the variety of hidden tripping hazards within your lawn space. Feel safe when the kids are playing tag and soccer. Save yourself from the time consuming task of looking for rocks and pebbles prior to mowing your lawn and finally retire your lawnmower once and for all!

Say Goodbye To Grass Allergies

Many people suffer from grass and pollen allergies. Grass seed and flower pollen become airborne (especially when disturbed) from mowing and can lead to itchy, watery red eyes and a host of respiratory issues. All of these uncomfortable allergy symptoms can disappear along with your lawn care chores. Synthetic Turf has your playground and yard options covered! 

Call For Your Kelowna Quote Today!

Synthetic Turf has proudly installed our product all over North America! Call our Okanagan office today to discover how you can enjoy a lush, green lawn and playground atmosphere year round. No more burnt out brown patches or spending precious hours tinkering with your irrigation system and lawn maintenance. Simplify your life and your landscape and call Synthetic Turf in Kelowna today!

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