Many homeowners are choosing to replace their natural lawns with artificial grass in order to increase the resale value of their homes.

The benefits of Synthetic Turf are endless. It’s virtually maintenance-free, requires no water, contains recyclable components, and no chemical or fertilizers are required – just to name a few. With so many benefits and homeowners making the switch, Synthetic Turf’s team decided to compile a list of the top reasons artificial grass will boost your property’s value.

  • Recreational Area
  • Price Comparison
  • Low Maintenance Lawn Care
  • Curb Appeal

Create Recreational and Leisurely Outdoor Space

Artificial turf is durable, easy to maintain, creates a high quality and safe playing surface for children, dogs and sports. It’s an excellent investment for you and your family. SoftLawn® is one of our most popular products.

SoftLawn® is the same quality product used in school playgrounds, play yards, and lawn applications. It’s lush, lifelike and the synthetic surface boasts a realistic “fresh cut” appearance combined with a soft pleasing feel. Spend more time outside with your family and enjoy the benefits of Synthetic Turf’s incredible products.

There are also tons of options for outdoor sports areas, such as putting greens, bocce courts, tennis courts, soccer fields, baseball fields and more.

Synthetic Turf vs Natural Grass Price Comparison

The initial installation price of Synthetic Turf can be expensive, but the long-term benefits and lengthy warranty makes Synthetic Turf a savvy investment. Plus, save on gas, oil and general upkeep on lawn mowers and trimmers.

Once Synthetic Turf is installed, the warranty and durability ensure a gorgeous green and natural looking lawn for years to come. Artificial turf provides the same green natural appeal and softness as natural grass, without the expense.

Low Maintenance Lawn Care

If you currently own a natural grass lawn then you know first hand that lawn care and maintenance often take up a lot of our spare time and it can quite costly over time. Regular lawn care responsibilities including mowing, trimming, watering, fertilizing and reseeding aren’t an issue with Synthetic Turf.

The quality, feel, environmental effects and upkeep of artificial grass continue to massively improve every year, which means simpler maintenance and lawn care benefits. This is an exceptional benefit that will certainly boost the value of your property.

Curb Appeal

The first thing homebuyers see when they arrive on your property is your lawn. A well maintained and green lawn will impress buyers. There are lots of gorgeous lawn and landscaping options with Synthetic Turf that look incredible, but require low maintenance. We offer a wide selection of high quality artificial grass products to make your lawn pristine.

The benefits of artificial turf outweigh those of natural grass. If you’re interested in saving money, conserving water, and creating a home with exceptional curb appeal, consider artificial turf.

Contact Synthetic Turf to discuss the best option for you.

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