[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]More and more homeowners are choosing to replace their natural lawns with artificial grass for a variety of reasons including the benefits it offers pet owners. Fake grass for pets offers a safe, lush, and virtually maintenance-free lawn for your pets. 

Fake Grass for Pets Rises in Popularity 

It doesn’t come as a surprise to our team at Synthetic Turf that fake grass for pets continues to rise greatly in popularity, as it can make life with a four-legged friend much cleaner, and simpler. Our entire SoftLawn line is safe for animals and made without nylon yarns.  

Nylon is one of the top reasons for odour as it has a 6% retention factor. This causes odours to remain, which is not ideal when dealing with animals. By redoing your lawn, creating a pet-friendly section or artificial grass for dogs, or redoing the whole backyard, you never have to deal with Fido’s muddy paws running through your house again! 

Artificial Grass For Dogs: The Safe Alternative 

In order for real grass to remain green and lush, homeowners have to spend hours on upkeep, tons of water and investment a lot of money into lawn maintenance. This often includes using pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides or fungicides. When you install fake grass for pets, you eliminate the need to water your lawn as well as purchasing potentially harmful chemicals.  

Artificial grass pays for itself in maintenance and watering alone. In addition to saving water, it will remain aesthetically pleasing year-round! 

Fake Grass for Pets at Synthetic Turf 

Our fake grass for pets products at Synthetic Turf provide a softer and safer alternative to natural grass. It’s an exceptional surface because it provides comfort for pets, which makes it ideal for your pets to roam and play.  

It makes for a much more welcoming space and makes it easier for pets to seamlessly transition from inside to outside without having to worry about tracking mud into your home, which makes it easier to let them in and out.  

Contact Synthetic Turf today to discuss the benefits of fake grass for pets. 


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